Did You Become Unattractive to Him Because You Tried to Impress Him?

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Woman upset by losing his attention

By Rori Raye

If you’re feeling like you’re throwing away your energy, your heart, and your self-esteem on a man who is pulling away, especially after he’s come on so strong and practically BEGGED you to give him a chance at the beginning, I can’t imagine anything more frustrating.

Maybe this has happened to you.

You meet a man you’re not especially attracted to, but he’s persistent about wanting to date you. He calls, he sends you flowers, he tells you how wonderful and beautiful you are. You don’t know how you feel about him, but you decide to give him a chance and allow yourself to spend more and more time with him.

Before you know it, you’re hooked. He’s grown on you, and suddenly you’re thinking about him all the time and feel GOOD in his company.

It seems as if as soon as he’s “won” you over, he loses interest. He doesn’t call as often. He tells you he can’t get together this weekend because he’s BUSY. He acts distant when you’re with him and isn’t looking at you or complimenting you as much as he used to. And to top it off, he tells you that he’s not sure how he feels anymore about YOU.

Waiting and begging and pleading for a man to “come around” while you’re doing everything to impress him is totally unattractive to him.

Maybe this is a pattern for you. You only feel attracted to a man after he’s clearly stated that he’s not sure of his feelings. You find yourself practically BEGGING him to fall in love with you. You don’t have to do this sort of thing anymore. You can fix it from the INSIDE as well as changing how a man responds to you on the OUTSIDE in 3 steps:

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Date several men at the same time

Dating many men at the same time gives you a way to actually SEE what patterns you’re repeating (good or bad). Also, when you’re not tied and bonded to one man, it’s impossible to pressure him. You automatically create some distance between you that’s real because it has to do with the fun and fulfilling things you’re doing outside of your relationship.


When a man says he’s not sure he’s “into you,” RUN

If he says he’s “not sure of his feelings,” that would be the cue to get out of there.

When you’re waiting and begging and pleading for ONE man to “come around” while you’re doing everything to impress him, you deal a death blow to your confidence and self-esteem, and it’s totally unattractive to a man.


Learn how to get to a man’s heart through his EMOTIONS

Not through sex or “being sweet” or being so accommodating (or all the other wrong ways we’ve been taught as women to show him why he should love us).

I used to do ALL those things before I met my husband, and time after time, I had my heart broken by men.

Couple having an argument

I would actually lower my standards and TRY HARDER to get a man who really didn’t deserve me… only to have him slip away and marry another woman.

It doesn’t have to be that way for you.

You can benefit from all the years it took me to finally understand what it means to be effortlessly alluring to a man. If you want to save yourself years of heartache and pain, I recommend you get my eBook. You’ll learn how to start a relationship off the right way, by following the 5 Keys to creating a great relationship that you can refer back to again and again to feel MORE EMPOWERED, and therefore create a stronger bond with him from Day 1.

In my eBook, I’ll reveal how to get to a man’s heart, and more importantly – how to listen to your OWN heart and communicate what you’re feeling, clearly, and in a way that compels a man to listen.

A man will lose interest and withdraw for only a few critical reasons, and when you read my eBook, you’ll not only learn what those reasons are, but what to say and do around a man that will bring him closer instead of accidentally pushing him away. Start learning it right now, go here and get your Have the Relationship You Want Free Trial.

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