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If you’re reading this, you’re probably struggling with a relationship that isn’t what you’d hoped for. I know what it feels like to hit a dead-end, and not know how to get closer to your man and fix the pain.

Or maybe you’re frustrated that you haven’t been able to get a relationship going - and dating feels like a tedious, disappointing chore.

Up until now, you’ve probably spent hours talking to girlfriends and family to get their advice. And despite all the analyzing, commiserating and complaining, you still don’t have the right answers. You’re starting to think maybe your girlfriends aren’t much wiser about relationships than you are. After all, how many are in happy, long-term marriages? Have they turned their relationships around to be the intimate and empowering partnership you’re looking for? Have they spent years studying human behavior and psychology? I’m willing to bet not many of them have. So there’s got to be a better place to get the answers you need to create an amazing and fulfilling relationship.

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Monthly Interview Series
New Expert Relationship Advice – Month After Month

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Your situation makes total sense to me. For most of my life I was in the same place you are now and I knew NOTHING about men. I grew up very sheltered and was shy and “naive” about how to build a loving and close relationship. So when I was in my twenties I went a little “wild” with abandon and began to date one man after another. Every time I got involved with a man I would think he was “The One.” Unfortunately, instead of working toward what I hoped was a “dream love life” I was making the same mistakes over and over, and it was often my own behavior that was standing in the way of my happiness. And my girlfriends were in the same boat I was.

Before I turned my love life around and found my husband, I wished so much I had someone I could turn to for sound guidance. If you’re feeling the same way, I have great news for you…

The Advice You Need Directly From Experts - Secrets That Most Women Will Never Know…

I want to share WITH YOU all the wisdom and inspiration that I’ve gotten from these incredible and smart people.

I’ve met some truly amazing people on my own personal journey toward lasting love, including a fantastic network of relationship and life experts. And I want to share WITH YOU all the wisdom and inspiration that I’ve gotten from these incredible and smart people.

That’s why, every month, I pick one expert and invite them into a recording studio so that I can literally pick their brain for all their best stories and advice. And they REALLY deliver - sharing their BEST IDEAS and SECRETS to creating an amazing love life. Then I put the conversation onto a CD so you can listen to it wherever and whenever you want. Listening to knowledgeable people talk about their best ideas through easy-to-understand concepts and real-life examples can be an extremely powerful way to bring positive change and inspiration into your life.

In My Interviews With Experts, I Ask:

  • How do I let go of destructive old patterns in my relationships?
  • How can I stop feeling so anxious about where this relationship is going?
  • How can I stop this roller coaster of emotions and why is my mood so dependent on him?
  • How do I get over him when I still love him so much?
  • What do I do if I’m afraid to open up because I’m afraid of getting hurt?
  • And much, much more!

It’s hard to decide where to turn for solid, trusted advice these days. What you DON’T need is more anecdotes and weak opinions… instead you need REAL LIFE LESSONS from proven experts who can tell you what to do and say even in your most painful and difficult situations.

The experts I’ve been talking to are authors, therapists, psychologists and coaches who have studied, researched and published books on relationships and human behavior. They know what to do and say to turn things around in your relationship. I’ve handpicked each expert because they’re not just about “theory.” They teach you the things you need to do and say, step-by-step, so you can get amazing results.

Here’s How It Works

Right now you’re probably thinking, “This sounds great, but I’m sure it is going to cost a lot of money.” NOT TRUE. How does less than twenty dollars sound to you? It’s about the cost of a few lattes a month… which isn’t much when you consider the kind of “return” you’ll be getting for your entire life and your sense of well being.

Now, these experts normally charge hundreds of dollars for their time and advice… if they even do any one-on-one counseling to begin with! Some are respected authors who have appeared on television or are experienced speakers who go around the country conducting exclusive live seminars that are often quite expensive to attend.

When you subscribe to my Have The Relationship You Want Monthly Interview Series, I’ll send you a new, expert interview on CD to listen to - every month. You’ll be learning so much about men and relationships that you’ll wonder how you ever got along without the benefit of all this solid and powerful advice before.

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Monthly Interview Series

Monthly Interview Series + Bonus CD

You’ll Get:

  • Expert Relationship Advice — Month After Month
  • Tips & Techniques You Can Use Right Away
  • Real LIFE & LOVE LESSONS From Top Experts

A new CD every month: Packed with guidance & inspiration

You’ll Learn:

  • The real reasons why most relationships fail so that you can avoid making the same mistakes in yours
  • How to build confidence around what you really want and NEED from a man, so you don’t waste precious time stuck in bad relationships
  • Exactly what to say to a man when he’s giving you “mixed signals”
  • How to feel happier with your own life’s purpose so you won’t feel dependent on a man to make you happy
  • How to use your “feminine power” to magically draw a man to you and make him want to stay forever
  • The secrets to feeling more sexually and spiritually fulfilled than you ever dreamed possible
  • And much more…

But I don’t want you to just take my word for it. I want you to see for yourself what an amazing and valuable thing this can be for your life. So, I’m offering you the first CD of my interview series for FREE (including free shipping) when you subscribe to my interview series. This free CD contains an exciting and eye-opening interview with Christian Carter, who has helped millions of women become more successful with men, dating and relationships through his eBook, Catch Him & Keep Him, as well as his seminars and newsletters over the last four years.

In his interview, Christian talks about what it’s like to be a man, how men see and experience women, the things that drive men away and the things that draw them in for a real and lasting relationship. You’ll be amazed by what you’ll learn about men after listening to this interview. But most of all, this is a man who almost every woman would want. He’s been pursued, pressured, he’s been in serious relationships and he’s just “dated around” too… and he’s about the nicest, kindest, smartest man you could ever meet. He’s the kind of man you’d hand-pick if you could. And he gives you the help you need to make sure you can help your Mr. Right recognize you as the right woman for him.

After Christian Carter, I’ve lined up a whole series of additional experts who’ll help you get and keep the relationship you want.

You’ll Totally Love It And Benefit From Every Interview… I Guarantee It 100%!

I know that you probably want to try it out and that only makes sense. So I want to make it as easy as possible to try my Have The Relationship You Want Monthly Interview Series since I know it’s going to make a BIG difference in the way you feel about yourself and your love life. Here’s what I’d like to offer you:

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Have The Relationship You Want

If you find the interviews valuable, you will receive one amazing new interview each month for just $19.97 per month. You can cancel your subscription any time. Remember, if you’re not thrilled with the program, don’t worry. Just ask for a refund, and you can KEEP the free interview with Christian Carter. It’s my special gift to you just for trying out my interview series. I won’t make it complicated for you, and I won’t ask why you cancelled. Now, isn’t that a fair deal?

Just imagine having solid, professional and incredibly effective advice on everything to do with love, commitment, men, fulfillment and self-esteem for you to listen to any time you wish. These experts will make you feel encouraged, motivated and inspired, and you’ll be learning so much that you’ll be amazed by how much better you’ll understand the man in your life as well as YOURSELF.

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Monthly Interview Series

Monthly Interview Series + Bonus CD

You’ll Get:

  • Expert Relationship Advice — Month After Month
  • Tips & Techniques You Can Use Right Away
  • Real LIFE & LOVE LESSONS From Top Experts

A new CD every month: Packed with guidance & inspiration

I promise you won’t be disappointed. I will be there, helping guide you to a fuller and more love-filled life.


Rori Raye