How to Make Him Fall in Love by Improving Your Self Esteem

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By Rori Raye

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There was a time when I was so sensitive and insecure about men that I was constantly monitoring what I would say or do around them. I was tense all the time, and men could actually feel it.

I was like a puppy – watching for hand signals from my master so I’d know what to do. I would put the man on a pedestal.

It makes me cringe just to think about it. After all, I was a successful woman in every other way – I owned my own home and made a living as an actress. And yet, I felt completely at the mercy of whatever man I was attracted to.

I foolishly thought that putting a man’s needs ahead of my own and taking a backseat to what I wanted was the key to a man’s heart. What I hadn’t yet learned was that not making myself, and my life, my number one priority was actually getting in the way of the romance I so desperately wanted.

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Why Putting Him First Doesn’t Work

After much heartbreak, I realized that if a man gets the feeling you’re making him more important than you, he loses interest.

I know this goes against everything we women have been taught, but it’s true. Men don’t fall in love with us because of how much we do for them. They fall head over heels because of how they feel when we allow them to be useful to us and do for us.

They fall in love when they have to invest in us and work for our love.

How To Be The Self-Assured Woman He Wants

This doesn’t mean that you pretend you don’t like a man – not at all. On the contrary, a man needs to know you like him, but – and here’s the clincher – he needs to know that you value your own life.

A wonderful way to do this is to be open to other men. Knowing that your options are open will raise your self esteem. And when your self esteem goes up, you become more attractive to lots of men.

Then another magical thing happens: Either a man will step up his game to fob off the competition, or he’ll get lost in the shuffle. And this is how you make room for the real Mr. Right to show up.

For step-by-step guidance in raising your self esteem and being open to men in a way that will make them compete for your time and attention, I’d love for you to read my eBook “Have The Relationship You Want.”
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I learned about all this the hard way – through lots of heartbreak. Once I did and started putting these principles into practice, that’s when my Mr. Right showed up – the man I’ve been blissfully married to for more than 20 years.

I put this eBook together to share with you all the lessons I learned. It contains everything you need to help yourself feel confident by using words and body language that work with a man and make him want to get closer to you every day.

You don’t have to live with worry, fear, and insecurity any longer when it comes to men. Download “Have The Relationship You Want” and try it free for seven days. When you start to apply the Tools in my eBook in your own life, you’ll start to experience such dramatic shifts in your attitude that men will finally start putting you first.

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