A Surprisingly Simple Way To Trigger His Life-Long Commitment

Learn The 7 Crucial Steps To Inspiring That “Forever Feeling” In A Man So He Can’t Imagine His Life Without You – It’s Easier Than You Think

When my boyfriend told me “he wasn’t ready” for marriage, I thought my life was over Time after time I’d met and dated great men, but at that critical period when we were about to move forward to a true commitment, things would fall apart.

I started to think that men just won’t commit. That they just didn’t have the commitment gene.

But then I figured out something incredible - that I could absolutely inspire that “forever feeling” in a man. That I could be the person in the relationship deciding whether or not I was satisfied, rather than waiting for him to “come around.”

That’s why I’m here. I don’t want you to have to go through all the pain that I went through. I’ve spent several years studying men and what brings couples to loving, committed relationships. And I’ve developed a simple plan you can follow to inspire your man to commit to you now and forever, and WANT lifelong happiness with you… more than anything else in his life.

How I Almost Ruined My Chances Of Getting the Proposal I Wanted

I’ll tell you something funny…

When I first met my husband, I didn’t even like him. It’s only because he pursued me, pampered me and treated me like a queen that I gave him the time of day. Then, as I started to realize how safe and loved I felt, I developed powerful feelings for him.

When my roommate moved out and he suggested that he move in, I said yes, but told him from the very beginning that I wanted to get married and have children. He assured me that he had the same intention, and that we’d be engaged by the New Year. So he moved in. We got along, had fun, and I started thinking about weddings, and when and how he’d propose to me. Only he didn’t.

Instead of celebrating with a proposal when the ball dropped in Times Square, I got the “speech” about how he “wasn’t ready.” That he needed more time, and if I really cared about him I’d give him some space.

I was stunned - he’d worked SO HARD to get me.

It felt like the floor had dropped out from below me. I’d gotten myself into not just an EMOTIONAL bind, but a PHYSICAL one. He was not only my boyfriend - but also my roommate - and I couldn’t afford to stay in my apartment without him.

I felt totally, completely, utterly TRAPPED. And I didn’t have a clue how to get myself out of this mess and into the married life I was desperate for.

It was so uncomfortable that first week - I just knew I was driving him away, even though I wasn’t bringing up the subject of “commitment.” And that’s when I realized… I’d been making some serious mistakes. Mistakes many women make, and I needed to do something about it. Fast.

The 4 Big Mistakes That Get In The Way Of The Commitment You Want

Mistake 1

1. Focusing On Events, Not Feelings

We women are taught to believe that events, and the time we “put in,” MEAN SOMETHING to a man. If he’s introduced us to his family or friends at work we’re on cloud nine. We think of these as “milestones” moving us closer to commitment and marriage. And we couldn’t be more wrong.

Time means NOTHING to a man. Sometimes, being in a comfortable HOLDING PATTERN with us is EXACTLY what he has in mind! They spend time with us, but then they go and commit to someone else.

Unless we can get into our man’s heart, and let him into ours to create a deep emotional bond, we DOOM ourselves to a superficial level that will never lead to a lifelong commitment.

Mistake 2

2. Thinking Exclusive = Committed

How many of you have been comfortable in a relationship, only to have the man you are with meet someone else, or tell you he’s “found someone who really gets me.” How can it be that a man who is exclusive with you can “fall for” someone else so easily? It’s because he was not committed to you.

Oftentimes, women focus on getting a man to be exclusive - but this is only a temporary state. Instead, you need to focus on getting him committed to you. When that happens, he’ll be exclusive AND won’t “fall for” another woman ever again!

Mistake 3

3.Talking About Your Relationship, Not Creating It

Often when women feel their man becoming distant, they decide to TALK to him about it. To ask how he’s feeling, why he’s acting this way, or where the relationship is going.

When you talk to a man about your relationship, you have the OPPOSITE effect on him than you intend. Though we often hear men say how much they hate how “emotional” women are - this is exactly the part they CRAVE. They are so stuck in their brains, so much of the time, that if we’re stuck in ours, they can’t connect to us.

Every time we TALK about the relationship, it feels to him like a laundry list of to do items instead of INSPIRING a man to want to be with us.

Mistake 4

4. You Panic… He Leaves

Because we know that “Lifelong-Commitment” is a frightening thing to a man, we’re often afraid to say or do anything that might scare him more.

It’s easy to get paralyzed by fear and anger and stop being ourselves. We stop being the fun, relaxed women who he originally fell for who made him happy. This takes us further AWAY from the commitment we want.

A Surprisingly Simple Way To Trigger His Life-Long Commitment

I can teach you how to make sure his desire to HAVE YOU is GREATER than his fear of commitment. And this desire will continue if you can create an ongoing experience for him that makes him FEEL that committing to you is worth trading in his “freedom.”

In my relationship, I focused on getting my sense of POWER back, instead of trying to get HIM. I remembered everything I did in the very beginning of our relationship, when he couldn’t get enough of me and was totally chasing me. Instead of working so hard at the relationship, I worked hard on myself and on the rest of my life. I told myself that I’d be all right no matter what, and that if I stuck to my own plan, I’d have the relationship I wanted, even if it wasn’t with him.

And that’s when things REALLY started to MOVE. The “energy” between us changed completely. In my mind I became a prize he needed to pursue in order to “win,” rather than something he was already guaranteed to have for the rest of his life. And to my surprise almost instantly - he started FEELING that same way.

I focused on making myself happy instead of trying to make HIM happy. I spoke to him like he was a ROOMATE I was sleeping with, instead of like a potential husband. And then, everything changed. Quickly.

I’d somehow hit on something that worked, and I didn’t even know what that was! Here I was, more attractive to him TIRED and UNCARING than I ever was trying to make him happy. Less than two weeks later, on my birthday, he proposed to me. It was very official - he’d brought a calendar to the restaurant so we could plan a date for the wedding!

My Commitment Blueprint Program Will Teach You How To Inspire Your Man To Commit To You Forever

I’m about to share a huge secret with you.

Commitment is an EMOTIONAL process. And the good news is that it’s a process you can easily trigger if you understand the different steps a man takes in order to feel “ready” and fully engage in lifelong commitment with you.

I’ve broken down this process into 7 easy steps to help you move from uncertain and uncommitted to committed, secure and completely SATISFIED by your relationship.

In Commitment Blueprint, You’ll Learn:

  • The different emotional processes men and women go through to reach commitment, and how to align your processes
  • Specific Tools including things to say and do that will connect you to your man on a powerful emotional level
  • The one mistake that makes him think you’re NOT “The One” for him and exactly what to do instead
  • How to shift the dynamic in your relationship so you have the power
  • Three foolproof Tools to make him work hard to keep you close
  • The exact body position that will open up your intuition so you can know what’s going on with him
  • What to do to keep arguments from ever happening again - this Tool will have him following you around and wondering what YOU’RE thinking
  • A simple technique to stop emotions like jealousy and obsession from ruining your relationship and how to use them to actually get on a commitment track
  • A stunningly effective, quick Tool for instant confidence that will actually shift your “VIBE” and change the way your man sees you

This Program Includes:

Part 1 - Is He Ready To Commit?

Part 1: Is He Ready To Commit?

  • How to know if a man is really ready for commitment–and what you need to hear from him to make sure he’s serious
  • The scary truth about why a man may think of you as temporary, even if he’s seeing you exclusively and sleeping with you
  • How to build shared moments with a man so that he feels naturally compelled to keep moving your relationship forward
  • How to avoid wasting time in a go-nowhere relationship–plus a simple way to tell if a man will not be able to give you what you need
Part 2 - Trusting Yourself & Him

Part 2: Trusting Yourself & Him

  • The secret to open up to a man who is on the fence about your relationship–without scaring him away
  • How to stop feeling so anxious about asking for what you want and need
  • Protecting yourself: how to feel confident and empowered, no matter what a man says or does
  • The key to picking up on a man’s red flags so you know, without a doubt, whether you can trust him
Part 3 - Attract Love & Commitment

Part 3: Attract Love & Commitment

  • Finding peace, love, and wholeness by embracing what we may think of as our brokenness
  • The 3 different types of men you’re bound to encounter–including the one who will never be able to love you or anyone
  • Why affirmations have left you frustrated–plus a new spin on them that really works to blot out negative thoughts
  • The Rori Raye Mantra and how it can help you attract a loving, lasting relationship–by helping you to speak to yourself in a new, positive way
Part 4 - Your Passion & Purpose

Part 4: Your Passion & Purpose

  • Guest speaker and marriage counselor Phyllis Chase shares her inspiring story of finding her husband after 40–and the big awakening that led to her finally meeting him
  • How to get the love and commitment you want by changing the way you interact with everyone you come across
  • Why pinpointing your passion and purpose is critical to finding and keeping the loving relationship you want
  • What I did when my husband suddenly told me he wasn’t ready to marry me
Part 5 - Your Inner Wisdom

Part 5: Your Inner Wisdom

  • Guest speaker Gina Ratliffe DeVee on how to be a queen so you can attract your “forever king”
  • Using “royal language” to ask for what you want and need so that your man feels respected and is inspired to please you
  • Tapping into your inner wisdom and intuition to guide you in making empowered choices
  • “Power Speeches”: watch me coach audience participants on how to talk to their men in a variety of tricky situations
Part 6 - Getting His Commitment

Part 6: Getting His Commitment

  • Extensive interview with Christian Carter, long-time dating and relationship expert
  • The addictive, magical quality that man are unable to resist
  • Why a balance of predictability and unpredictability is completely intoxicating to a man
  • How to present your values and what you want to a man without putting pressure on him

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Inspire His “Forever Feeling”

♥ 9+ hours of commitment focused videos
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Start following the simple guidelines and step-by-step plan and you’ll be amazed by the change that will happen in your love life and in how your man sees you and feels about you. You’ll feel desirable, worthy of love, confident, and completely ecstatic about dating and relationships.


Rori Raye

Inspire His “Forever Feeling”

♥ 9+ hours of commitment focused videos
♥ 60+ pages of workbook exercises, tools
♥ 30 days of daily coaching videos with me
♥ Streaming or downloadable format
♥ Immediate Access on all devices
♥ Money-Back Guarantee

Only $359 (best value!)
or 4 payments of $89.75