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Think about all the things you do every day in order to have the life you want.

If you’re anything like me (which I know you are because you’re one of my loyal supporters), then you have a few important daily routines.

Couple Smiling

Maybe it’s a skincare and beauty regimen – special products or rituals that you’ve come to depend on so your skin looks young and healthy.

I bet you also do some kind of exercise. Whether you work out with a personal trainer, attend a dance class (one of my favorites!), or do yoga right in your own living room, you start to feel out of shape if you don’t keep it up.

And what about what you put into your body? I definitely have my nutrition routines – I just don’t feel the same if I don’t take certain supplements or eat particular foods.

Routines are very powerful because they work.

We are creatures of habit. Routines keep us focused and committed without us having to think about what we’re doing.

We know that doing something over and over – every day – creates visible results and lasting change. It is completely different from an isolated, one-time effort. Going on an intense detox once a year is a waste of time if you’re only eating junk the other 364 days.

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Think about what your life would be like without your routines. How would you feel? Would you feel as attractive, healthy, and fit?

Now think about this: Why would you expect your love life to be any different? Shouldn’t you have a daily regimen for something as equally and vitally important – one that ensures your love life is as strong and healthy as it should be so YOU can feel good about it?

What Thousands Of Women Had In Common – And What It Means About You

I started out doing personal coaching with women.

I would work with a woman one on one, moving her often from a place of desperation where she felt a man was slipping through her fingers – or she had no man at all – to an empowered place where SHE became the chooser and a man – or many men – were aching to be with her.

I coached women with all sorts of issues. Some were trying to get a man’s attention, some were trying to keep a man from leaving, some were trying to recharge the passion in their relationship.

Some were single and fed up about the dating process, feeling hopeless about their ability to find and keep a good man.

And others were in committed relationships for years and suffering from a different kind of despair – wondering what happened to the connection they once shared with their men.

But here’s the fascinating thing: over the years I saw, time and time again, that even though these women were all going through different situations, they ALL had one thing in common:

They were not fully embodying their Siren power.

They weren’t consistently channeling their feminine energy to captivate a man and connect with him and, here’s the most important part, KEEP connecting with him day after day.

Instead, they were using a tactical approach – attempting to implement Siren tools here and there when a certain situation came up rather than BEING a Siren moment to moment.

Then, when a certain tricky situation would come up with a man – when they needed their Siren power the most – they would get “thrown off.” They would become insecure, fearful, and controlling. They would return to the same old mistakes they were making before – mistakes that would push away the very closeness they longed for with a man.

And so, no matter what “presenting problem” these women came to me with, my advice would always be the same: I would teach them how to use their Siren power, and I would coach them on how to keep using it – EVERY DAY.

Once these women got into a daily habit of using and strengthening their Siren power their love lives improved dramatically.

They either got the guy, realized he wasn’t all that great and got a new guy, or they got the guy they were with to become the man they wanted him to be.

How did they do it?

By using my guidance and support to implement a daily Siren regimen.

In essence, they had to LIVE the Tools. The Tools were not simply techniques to be learned. It wasn’t enough for them to hear me telling them how to do the Tools, and it wasn’t enough for them to just try out a Tool once or twice.

Through meeting regularly with me and practicing the Tools, the Tools actually became part of who they were.

The power of routine is strong.

The power of routine + ongoing support is even stronger.

I’m no longer doing personal coaching, but I’ve come up with the next best thing…

Introducing Heart-to-Heart Daily Coaching – A Video Program To Strengthen Your Siren Power In Just 5 Minutes a Day

For the first time ever, I’ve created a 6-month program that’s the next best thing to personal coaching with me.

You’ll get a short video every day with a tip, Tool, or insight that will show you how to use your feminine Siren energy to create a deep connection with a man – and keep him falling more in love with you everyday.

Because it’s daily and ongoing, it becomes that all-important routine that helps you turn the love life of your dreams into a living reality.

Baby Steps That Add Up To Big Change

You know I’m big on baby steps.

Tiny shifts on your part add up to dramatic change.

If you want a lifetime of feeling adored by your man, Heart-to-Heart Daily Coaching will teach you the baby steps that can completely change your love life in just a few months.

It’s the kind of regimen that makes the Tools second nature, so you don’t slip up and experience heartache, distance, and frustration with a man.

Here’s how it works: Once you sign up, I’ll send you a video every day that you can watch on your smartphone, computer, or tablet. Each video is around 5 minutes long. I’ll be talking to you directly, giving you daily encouragement and guidance that will show you how to “live” the Siren tools so they become second nature to you.

Sometimes I’ll talk about a specific scenario so you can see how my advice would work in real life with a man.

Sometimes I’ll give you the kind of pep talk we all need every now and then – to keep you inspired and motivated.

And sometimes we’ll go deep into one of my core concepts so that you really understand how to use it in your love life.

Other times, I’ll go more into psychology so you can stop wondering about why a certain dynamic is playing out with a man.

Every day will be different, but each video will have one goal: to help you feel strong and secure on the inside while staying soft on the outside – the combination that no man can resist.

And it’s all possible because you’re getting my coaching and living the Tools every single day.

Your First Month of Heart-to-Heart Daily Coaching Is Completely Free! That’s How Confident I am That You’ll Love My Daily Videos And Feel Powerful Change

Coaching women one on one was always my passion.

And the only way I could stop doing it was by doing something else that would allow me to help even MORE women.

That’s where Heart-to-Heart Daily Coaching comes in.

For under $1 a day, you’ll get daily guidance, support, and encouragement from me, so that you don’t slip up and make the same mistakes I did early on in my relationship. These 5 minutes a day will be the routine that strengthens your inner Siren power, so your love life will be as vibrant and healthy as it should be.

The complete program is six months long, but you can cancel anytime. You get a new video every day, or 180 videos in all when you complete the full video series.

And yes, your first month is on me! If you aren’t completely satisfied within the first 30 days, just let me know, and I’ll give you a full refund – no questions asked.

In Heart to Heart Daily Coaching, you’ll learn:

Image Of Heart to Heart Daily Coaching
  • How to create dramatic change in your romantic relationships in small, doable baby steps
  • What to do when a man asks you to drive to him (and why I go against other relationship experts on this one)
  • The counterintuitive way to get a commitment from the one man you want
  • An effective, empowering move when a man says “I want space” (and how to tell what his true intentions really are)
  • The magic question that will soften your vibe and help you connect with a man in any moment
  • The trick to using both your masculine and feminine energies to stay in your Siren power
  • A simple move to instantly shift things when your inner critic threatens your confidence (and how to cultivate total self love instead)
  • The Rock-Star-Free-Spirit principle for not letting your life revolve around a man--whether you’ve been with him for a month or decades
  • A surprisingly effective mini speech you can use when you don’t like the way a man is treating you
  • How to get a man to ask you out (and make him think it was his idea all along)
  • My simple tool for getting a man to pay attention to you (so you can stop obsessing about him and feel completely adored)
  • The one thing you shouldn’t do if a man suddenly goes cold on you--and what to do when he cancels on you (you’ll want to have this ready!)
  • Is one of you neat while the other’s a slob? How to handle domestic differences
  • What to do with your anger when he lets you down--and how to tell if he’s right for you
  • The “broken-record technique” for defusing an argument and curbing defensiveness
  • How to text like a Siren (and create excitement in him with just a few chosen words)

Here’s why I’m so excited about Heart-to-Heart Daily Coaching:

Section 1


This is now the most intimate way you can get my advice. Since I’m not confined to a newsletter or a stage with an audience, I get to really take the time to go in depth with each concept, so you get a deeper understanding of how they work. In short, I’m connecting with you while showing you how to connect with a man’s heart.

Section 2


You don’t have to drive or fly to me, and you don’t even have to pick up the phone or go on Skype. I come directly to you in the form of short videos delivered to your inbox.

Section 3

Candid View

You’ll step inside my world. Each video is shot where I feel most comfortable – right in my home or outside in my garden. You’ll meet my pets and see where I spend most of my time. It’s how I would talk with you if you came over for a cup of tea – letting you in on the juiciest, most insightful ideas I’ve learned from working with thousands of women.

Section 4

Cost Savings

Personal coaching with me normally costs 10x more, and the sessions are usually spread out. Here, you get to check in with me every single day while spending far, far less.

My Risk-Free Promise

Watch Heart to Heart Daily Coaching – FREE for 30 Days

Connect With His Heart In Just 5 Minutes a Day
1st Month FREE, then $29.97 per month
Strengthen Your Siren Power

Here’s What Other Women Are Saying...

  • I just want to say how much I have been enjoying Rori’s Heart to Heart tips… They are really fun but serious at the same time and just enough to get the message sometimes. Sometimes not long enough! I could really do with her around me 24/7!”

  • I am so glad that I am getting this video series… Thank you for being you and for the insight and for your talent and for your coaching you are my real world coach! You help me so much.”

Why Daily Support Is So Important

The women I’ve coached know this:

Being a Siren is not a one-shot-deal.

If you think this way, you are liable to slip up and make mistakes – costing you either a potential relationship, or ruining the one you’re in.

I know this all too well. Most of you are aware of my story, but it’s worth repeating: I made painful mistakes when I was single and in the early years of my marriage.

Happy Couple

While I was dating my now-husband, I moved in with him. But moving in was not the problem – it was that I got lazy with my Siren Tools and got way too much into my “boy energy.” Before long, my husband stopped pursuing an engagement and said he needed “more time.”

Once I got over my shock, I realized what I had to do: go back to being a Siren not just once in awhile, but every day. I managed to turn things around and got a proposal in two weeks!

Then, when we got married, I thought I was home free. I forgot how to be a Siren again – I let the pressures of everyday life and motherhood get in the way, and my husband got more and more distant.

Again, it was only when I began implementing the Tools on a DAILY basis that I saw a complete turnaround in the way my husband responded to me. And we’ve now been married for over 30 years.

Being a Siren is about LIVING the tools – day in and day out.

Just like your beauty regimen and fitness routine: you do it every day to become healthier, more attractive, and stronger.

Being a Siren is a way of life. There is no such thing as a part-time Siren.

If you don’t do the Tools every day:

  • Your “technique” looks sloppy
  • A man can see right through
  • You lose confidence
  • You feel insecure
  • Your insecurity causes you to make more mistakes

It’s a vicious cycle.

Your love life deserves the same attention and care as your skin and your body. And your love life is only as strong as what you put into it. There’s a lot of buzz about “self love” out there. If you want to feel completely adored by a man, I hope you’ll start by adoring yourself first – by dedicating just 5 minutes a day to strengthening the powerful Siren energy you were born with.


Rori Raye

Watch Heart to Heart Daily Coaching – FREE for 30 Days

Connect With His Heart In Just 5 Minutes a Day
1st Month FREE, then $29.97 per month
Strengthen Your Siren Power