The EXACT Words He NEEDS To Hear To Want To Listen To You, Please You, And Make You His Forever

In my Love Scripts program you’ll learn word-for-word scripts to connect to his heart… Faster than you ever thought possible.

How many times have you wanted to tell a man exactly what’s on your mind… but panicked that doing so would push him away? How often have you said what you’re feeling to a man… only to have him withdraw, become angry with you, or disappear altogether?

Does your man think you’re dramatic, that you make a big deal out of nothing, and take everything too seriously?

Are you sick of stuffing down your feelings, walking on eggshells, and pretending everything is okay?

It’s so hard to know what to do: should you sugar-coat your emotions hoping that he’ll still get the message… only to be disappointed when he doesn’t?

End The Loop Of Frustration, Anger, And Heartache

Frustration, Anger and Heartache

If you’re anything like me, you know what it’s like to constantly hide your real feelings from a man.

But not telling him how you really feel leaves you feeling bad about yourself, especially since it often means you end up putting up with unacceptable behavior for much too long.

Then there are the acute and chronic effects of hiding your feelings. You see, not expressing your true emotions backfires because he never gets to experience the real you, so he senses there’s something phony about you… and he can’t connect with you.

Gradually, things start boiling up inside you.

When you finally DO express your emotions, you’re burning up with anger and you explode, pushing him away. He feels like your words are an attack, that you’re making him wrong and telling him what to do… so he closes up and becomes defensive.

If you continue to deflect your feelings, the issue’s never resolved… and resentment continues to build between the two of you. The more you try to hide your true feelings, the more distance and tension he will feel.

You feel you can’t win, and it feels awful… paralyzing you with fear of saying THE WRONG THING.

But here’s something that took me a long time to figure out… and that I’m going to pass along to you so you don’t have to endure the heartbreak and failed relationships I did:

Express Your True Emotions In A Way That Brings Him Closer

The truth is, sharing our emotions is the best way to connect to a man’s heart. You just need to learn how to do it correctly.

You can learn how to make a man fall more and more in love with you everyday… to the point where he wants nothing more than to please you and make you happy.

You can find the perfect words that will inspire HIM to want to push your relationship forward, whether it’s commitment, marriage, or just deeper intimacy.

You can turn your entire relationship around on a dime - no matter how bad things are right now - by simply changing the words you use with a man!

This is not pie-in-the-sky idealism or fantasy. I’m going to give you a single yet incredibly powerful Tool that will make it YOUR reality - and astonishingly quickly.

Love Scripts: The Recipe For Turning Your Feelings Into The Words That Will Reach Deep Into His Heart

A Love Script is a simple formula for clearly communicating your feelings and needs with a man in a way that will melt his heart, bring him close, and inspire him to make you happy.

When you speak to a man using a Love Script, you immediately feel confident and grounded, knowing that you’re communicating in a way that he can really hear.

No longer will you feel thrown off balance or unsure what to say, because you’ll always be able to use your Love Scripts in a way that feels entirely natural to you and in your own words.

Instead of spending hours dissecting “what he said” and what you should have said, you’ll feel relaxed and at ease because you and your man understand each other so well. You’ll never again have to swallow your pride, stew in silence, or painfully regret what you said that pushed him away.

You see, the feelings you think of as difficult for him to hear - like anger and jealousy - are actually compellingly attractive to him… If you express them the right way.

Contrary to what you may think, men aren’t afraid of feelings. They actually YEARN to experience feelings with a woman. What turns men off is drama and out-of-control emotions.

Having a Love Script is like a magic key for unlocking your man’s heart every time - by helping you communicate your feelings clearly, simply, and compellingly.

Love Scripts Will Connect Your Heart To His… Faster Than You Ever Thought Possible

Love Scripts work because they communicate your feelings without attacking him or making him feel wrong. They also give him the opportunity to make things RIGHT with you. It’s a simple yet powerful method for:

  • Identifying what you’re truly feeling
  • Translating the feeling into words that he can readily understand
  • Expressing the feeling in a way that will move him to make you happy
  • Inspiring him to be open and expressive with you, because he feels safe

With Love Scripts, you speak directly from your heart - rather than your head - in order to instantly connect with his heart and trigger a positive response. There’s no guesswork for him, no hiding and pretending for you, no more conversations that spiral into endless arguments. You become teammates rather than opponents, and the process works to forge a strong bond between the two of you that deepens every day. And the more he feels he can make you happy, the deeper he falls in love.

You’ll be astonished by how just changing the words you use with a man will make you infinitely more attractive to him and will instantly reach deep into his heart so that he wants to listen to you, please you, and get closer to you. Suddenly, you’re free to be yourself - REALLY you - and make a man fall even more in love with you for it!

My Love Scripts Online Video Program Is Different Than Anything Else I’ve Ever Created

I believe Love Scripts to be my most powerful program yet. I spent hundreds of hours running through scenarios and coming up with word-for-word scripts of exactly what to say in virtually every situation with a man. It’s the perfect compliment to any of my other programs: they will teach you the philosophy, beliefs and Tools that will transform your relationships, and then Love Scripts will give you the words to do it!

As I was developing the program, I realized how much content I had, and that it made sense to create a TWO-PART program: Love Scripts for Dating and Love Scripts for Relationships. I wanted to make sure every woman knew the exact words to say throughout every phase of her journey to lasting love, whether she had just met a man… or had been with him for decades.

After all, sometimes “dating” turns into a relationship very quickly… and even when you’ve been with a man for years you still want to inspire him to desire you just as he did when he was courting you. After 20+ years of marriage, I still use all the Tools in BOTH these programs.

So it’s completely up to you. You can buy Love Scripts For Dating or Love Scripts For Relationships on their own for 4 easy monthly payments of $49.75. Or you can buy them together for 15% off the full price, and pay $77.25 a month. Each program is over 5 hours of delicious content, guaranteed to give you the words to help make the love life you’ve been dreaming of a reality. But to help you decide what is right for you, here’s specific information on both:

Love Scripts for Dating - What To Say To Make A Man Fall For You

Navigating the early stages of a relationship can feel so scary - you really want a man to like you, and you might feel on pins and needles not knowing what to say to him. In Love Scripts for Dating, you’ll learn exactly how to make a man deeply attracted to you and exactly what to say so that he feels compelled to keep calling you, asking you out, and moving things forward in a relationship… all by himself. When you feel this confident, your attractiveness increases exponentially.

In Love Scripts For Dating, You’ll Learn What To Say When:

Frustration, Anger and Heartache
  • He doesn’t call when he says he will… how to communicate what you need without sounding needy
  • He cancels at the last minute or is consistently late for dates… how to make him step up to the plate
  • He gives you his card or tries to get you to call him… what to say so you’re never stuck making the first move
  • He talks about his ex or is paying attention to another woman - plus the one thing never to do when he brings her up
  • He wants you to pay or asks you to split the check… how to handle this without scaring the right man away
  • You’ve gotten over-attached after sex and he’s withdrawing… here’s what’ll make him want you even more than before
  • He’s not moving the relationship forward, and you’ve been together for a while… how to have “the talk” in a way that will make him think it was all his idea

You’ll Also Learn:

  • One simple thing you can do to make a man feel immediately comfortable in your presence… and the one thing never to say to a man
  • What to ask him on a first date to know whether or not you should keep dating him
  • How to turn every conflict into an opportunity to connect with him
  • Whether you should call him, how often to call him, how to handle texting and social media
  • How to talk to a man throughout all the stages of Circular Dating (the system for dating I teach in my Targeting Mr. Right Program) so you don’t risk saying the wrong thing to Mr. Right

…and many, many more scenarios you’re bound to come across throughout the course of your relationships with men.

Love Scripts For Relationships - What To Say To Bring A Man Close And Connect With His Heart

If you’re at the end of your rope with the man in your life - if you feel like he never quite “gets” you, that you are constantly butting heads, and that you give and give only to get nothing in return - you’ll be amazed by what Love Scripts for Relationships does for you. You’ll finally be free of the anger and frustration that has held you back, and you’ll feel exhilarated as you create a relationship that is more connected than ever.

In Love Scripts For Relationships, You’ll Learn What To Say When:

Frustration, Anger and Heartache
  • He’s not meeting your emotional needs or he’s mistreating you… I’ll show you how to handle it
  • You want more romance and for him to take you out more - here’s how to get it without begging for it
  • The passion and sex has died in your relationship… you can bring it back with this simple shift in the words you use
  • You have issues surrounding children - whether yours or his
  • He has betrayed you with another woman… how to handle the most painful of relationship issues so that YOU regain your power
  • There’s so much distance and anger in your relationship… I’ll show you how to feel joy and closeness with him again
  • He’s critical of you, and you feel beaten down… I’ll show you how to lift your self-esteem instantly

We’ll Also Cover:

  • How to talk to him - even about difficult stuff - in a way that will make him want to be your hero
  • How to not lose yourself in relationship… and how to reclaim yourself if you already have
  • How to put him in his place in a way that gains his respect… without preaching
  • The words you need to eliminate… or they’ll completely kill the intimacy in your relationship

Watch This Entire Program Online RIGHT NOW, Risk Free And Receive:

  • 11+ hours of video material - when you order both programs, 5+ hours each CC
  • Accompanying workbook - full of teaching slides and helpful material
  • Detailed track listing - for quick access to find & re-watch your favorite chapters
  • Tools and advice - immediate access

You can download my programs or watch them right online from your computer, smartphone, or other portable device.

Try Love Scripts RISK FREE for 7 days. If for any reason you’re not happy, simply let me know before the 7 days are up, and I’ll give you a full refund.

Remember, you can choose Love Scripts For Dating or Love Scripts For Relationships on their own for 4 easy monthly payments of $49.75. Or you can buy them together for 15% off the full price, and pay $77.25 a month.

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Here’s What Other Women Are Saying...

  • The scripting is the most valuable thing… in this program because there are several questions that always come up that I don’t know how to appropriately answer.”

  • Love Scripts for Dating… is about helping women express their feelings honestly and authentically in a safe way so they feel they are heard by men. They are going to have a much better dating experience and eventually get what they want which is usually love and marriage.”

  • “Women everywhere… can benefit from this program… in a relationship, thinking about getting into a relationship, and those wanting out of a relationship.”

I’m confident you’ll see immediate results, and be able to connect to a man in a way you never dreamed possible. And it comes with my better-than-money-back guarantee. Are you ready to learn the words he NEEDS to hear to adore you and make you happy… and turn your love life around faster than you ever thought possible? Then go ahead and try Love Scripts today!


Rori Raye

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