FINALLY! Your Chance To Be Personally Coached By Rori And Her Superstar, Most Elite Coaches On How To Fix Your Love Life… For Good!

Get Tailormade Coaching By Rori And Her Dream Team On How To Fix YOUR Unique Dating Or Relationship Issue AND Undo A Lifetime Of Ineffective “Love Skills” – In Just 3 Months

Do Any Of These Sum Up Your Love Life?

If Your Heart Can Relate… You’re Not Alone, My Dear Siren

In fact, having coached thousands and thousands of women over the course of decades – both privately and at live events, I can tell you THIS:

Nearly every modern woman is struggling to get the deep connection, love and intimacy that she craves – no matter how smart, beautiful, desirable, kind, “non-needy” or seemingly perfect she is.

Actually, oftentimes the smarter or more accomplished or more of a “catch” a woman is – the harder it is to find love.

Here’s why:

Your man can’t feel your radiant feminine energy because you’re working from your masculine energy of overthinking and a “let’s get sh*t done” mentality. Or he can feel that you’re trying to control the outcome… and even his love

So this means that he’s met with the same energy he’s putting out. Energetically speaking, it feels like masculine vs. masculine… instead of the sensual, playful energy that he longs for.

And it makes perfect sense why you’re connected to this energy day-in, day-out.

It’s that powerful masculine energy that helps you get promoted, start a business, or buy your own home.

I LOVE that energy… for work and my goals.

But it’s the BIGGEST killer when it comes to lasting love, sexual desire and keeping the delicate balance of polarity between the masculine and feminine alive and strong.

In short: What works when it comes to achieving in LIFE doesn’t work when it comes to attracting and keeping a masculine man.

Why Your “Love Patterns” Are Secretly Sabotaging Your Love Life

To make matters even more complicated…

As a result of your experiences with men, you’ve picked up different “love skills” and patterns over the years.

More often than not, these patterns and behaviors are subconscious strategies to keep your heart safe and to get the love that you crave.

But because they’re coming from a fearful, insecure place – they often backfire.

For example:

  • Maybe you overthink everything you say on a date to get him to like you… but unbeknownst to you, this kills the very thing that drives a man wild: your seductive, flowy, authentic feminine essence
  • Or maybe your natural default is to people-please and be as agreeable as possible to keep him close… which inadvertently pushes him away because he can’t “feel” the real you
  • Or perhaps you instinctively shutdown when your man pulls away, hoping that it’ll make him try harder to fight for you? (This used to be my favorite go-to strategy when my love tank was running on empty. Spoiler alert: it NEVER worked!)

But as you’ve probably also experienced, these strategies often leave you feeling even lonelier than before.

And here’s the hardest part: these patterns work at a deep subconscious, automatic level – meaning that they run the show… and you’re often not even aware when they’re being activated.

Even if you do suddenly meet Mr Brilliant, or your partner miraculously starts behaving differently – these deeply embedded love patterns will continue to show up… usually the moment Mr Brilliant starts to act less-than-Brilliant, or your relationship insecurities resurface.

That’s because lifelong habituated patterns don’t just disappear…

But With The Right “Rori Skills” And Expert Guidance… You Can Become Masterful At Love

This leads me to something I’ve been bursting at the seams with excitement about!

Given how hard it can be to spot your own blindspots in love (and then actually transform them),

I’ve got a burning question for you…

Do you ever secretly wish that you had someone who truly gets you coaching you step-by-step on how to undo what hasn’t been working in your love life?

And now for an even juicer question…

Have you ever secretly dreamed that I’d FINALLY invite you for private coaching – yes, one-on-one with ME – plus you’d have an entire team of superstar master coaches (all trained by me) working together to unscramble the “unsolvable” puzzle that’s been your love life?

If so, I’m about to make your wildest dreams come true…

Because for 3 months, me and my team of elite-level coaches will work with you to solve whatever has been holding you back from experiencing a relationship that puts butterflies in your belly, and a sense of home in your heart.

Even if you keep ending up in dysfunctional relationships, or men always ghost you or pull away, or you’ve been ticking the “Single” box when filling out forms for years and years

No matter how much your love life has seemed like mission impossible (or the latest Bridget Jones movie), me and my team of superstar coaches will be working with you for 3 entire months to solve your unique relationship or dating issue – once and for all.

Introducing… “The Love Fix”

The Love Fix Coaching Program

Tailormade Private Coaching Guaranteed to Turn Your Love Life Around – In Just 3 Months

That’s right… after years and years of requests for private coaching, I’m FINALLY offering you an unprecedented chance to be coached by me and my dream team of high-performing relationship coaches.

Needless to say: this ISN’T going to be your average coaching experience.

I don’t like to blow my own horn, but you’ll be coached by the very best in business.

In fact, I’ve been coaching thousands of women just like you for over 20 years.

Given my expertise, you’d struggle to find another coach with as much experience (and with as many success stories) as me when it comes to guiding you on how to unleash your seductive feminine energy so you can attract and keep a quality man.

I’ll be able to spot the EXACT subconscious patterns and behaviors that have been sabotaging your love life – and then give you my tailored solution so you can FINALLY get the love that your heart yearns for – and 100% deserves.

Here’s How It’ll Work:

You’ll be coached privately by me – Rori – and also paired with coaches who specialize in your specific needs and desired relationship goals.

These high-performing coaches have all been trained extensively by me, and are absolute superstars in their own right.

And depending on your unique challenges in love, you might work intensively with just one coach, or have coaching with all 6 coaches.

(Regardless, you’ll also get a guaranteed session with me!)

We’ll coach you on how to undo all of your mental, emotional and behavioral love patterns, plus any crummy romantic experiences that have understandably put a protective shield around your heart.

AKA, the one that has been creating “energy blocks” and preventing you from bringing in your man, or transforming an on-the-rocks relationship into a dream love story.

In each session, you’ll get tailormade Tools, scripts, and advice to help you overcome your biggest barriers to healthy, lasting love.

But more importantly, you’ll be practicing these Tools with me and my coaches using role plays so you’ll get an experiential feeling (that’ll soon become second nature) of dropping into your feminine and doing “love” in a totally different way than ever before.

No matter whether your relationship is hanging on by a thread, or you’re perpetually single and unlucky in love, we’ll identify your biggest blocks to a happy, thriving love story.

The end result? By the end of the 3 months, you’ll instinctively know exactly how to think, act and talk to a man simply by being connected to your irresistible feminine energy and having become masterful at my best love skills. You’ll be a red-hot magnet for the kind of relationship you truly want (no more settling!). In a nutshell, you’ll be a completely different person when it comes to matters of the heart!

This Is Unlike Any Other Coaching Experience… You’ll Have Rori AND Her DreamTeam Of High-Performing Relationship Coaches All Working Together For 3 Months To Fix Your Unique Love Challenges

Here's ALL You'll Get With “The Love Fix”


One-On-One Deep Dive Into Your Love Life With Rori (30 mins)

Deep Dive with Rori Raye

Yes! I’ve been listening to your requests for private coaching over the years.

But the reason I took these $2,000 sessions off the shelf and kept saying NO to your heartwarming requests was so I could focus on broadening my reach and making a bigger impact in the world.

I’ve been training my elite coaches to form this incredible network of in-depth trained coaches, who will allow me to help even more women, without compromising the quality of the advice I worked my whole life to develop. I’m too passionate about it to take it lightly… when I pair you with a coach, is because I KNOW that coach can help you JUST LIKE I WOULD.

It took me years and years of hard work, finding the right women to train as coaches, and develop this proven system… Looking back, I couldn’t be prouder of this sisterhood I created.

I alone could coach 1 person at a time. NOW… working together with my elite coaches, we can truly change the world – one heart at a time… STARTING WITH YOU!

During our one-on-one session, I’ll do a deep dive in your situation and map out a strategy to get your love life on track for good.

I’ll connect with you Face-to-Face via Zoom, look into your eyes, read your energy, observe the way you speak, listen to your frustrations and do what I do best… give you an experience of being grounded in your feminine, connected to your true essence and empower you with the Tools to magnetize your dream man, or transform your existing relationship.

In this very RARE private session, you’ll get:

  • My tailormade solution to fix your unique dating, relationship or marriage problem (this would be the VERY thing I’d do if I were in your situation)
  • My newest Tools I use in my own marriage to keep polarity strong, passion alive and love lasting
  • Powerful, lasting breakthroughs on a mental, emotional and physical level in just 30 minutes (I’ve been known to help people experience lifelong shifts in 10 minutes before… so I can’t wait to see what I can do for you!)
  • The BEST Rori Raye Tools (which I’ve developed over 20 years) to undo all of the unconscious patterns and behaviors that keep you trapped in your masculine and that push love away
  • Your biggest questions about love, relationships and attracting (and keeping) men answered by me


Six Highly-Tailored One-On-One Sessions With My Top Coaches (60 mins each)

Deep Dive with Rori Raye

On my own, I can only single-handedly coach so many women.

Which is why for many years, I’ve been searching for a team of high-performing coaches who I could train and trust to deliver the same results as me.

I couldn’t be prouder of the sisterhood of coaches I’ve put together because now we can truly change the world – one heart at a time… starting with yours!

I’m completely confident in their abilities to coach you in the EXACT same way that I would.

In fact, I’d turn to them myself if I ever needed coaching because not only have they been extensively trained by me for 22 weeks, they’re also highly accomplished in their own right (some charge more than $500 p/hour).

Plus, they specialize in different areas of relationships, such as online dating, marriage problems, polarity, communication with men, love after divorce, blended families, sex, commitment issues… and basically every love issue under the sun!

In other words: you couldn’t be in better hands.

Depending on your desired outcome and issue, my master coaches will:

  • Identify your biggest love blocks using role plays to see firsthand how you interact with men… and EXACTLY how you might be “doing love” from your masculine, getting trapped in your head, blocking your femininity and unconsciously pushing him away
  • Use the Rori Raye Tools and role-plays to then help you break through this issue and have an embodied experience of what it feels like to “do love differently” so you know exactly how to do it in real-life
  • Give you powerful scripts to breakdown the walls created by resentment, communication problems and unmet needs so you can once again connect directly with his heart
  • Make your dating profile highly-visible and oh-so-irresistible! They’ll write (or rewrite) your description, choose your pictures and give you advice on how to interact with your matches to ensure you stand out as the high-value woman that you are… one that men love to pursue!
  • Teach you proven Rori Raye Tools you can use for life to get you out of your anxious head and into your sensual, feminine body so can magnetize men or pull your man closer than ever before
  • Give you an embodied experience of how to lean back and let go of the need to control your love life so that men actually feel inspired to chase you
  • Build your confidence and boundaries so you feel worthy of the love you deserve… and know how to protect yourself from time wasters, narcissists and extremely avoidant men
  • A non-judgemental space where you can get advice on how to deal with your BIGGEST (and most secret) love problems. For example, what to do if you meet a “better” man than your husband, or what if you never feel sexually excited by your guy anymore?
  • Give you personal guidance on how to circular date, especially if you’re dating a man you love, but who is hesitant to commit (and all the other questions you might have on how to be masterful and classy when using this highly-effective dating technique)


UNLIMITED Voicemail Support With Your Coach

Deep Dive with Rori Raye

Need some urgent advice in between coaching sessions… or when your anxiety is sky high because you feel triggered by your lover? Using the Voxer messaging app, you’ll get unlimited 24/7 support from your coach (or coaches).

They’ll be on-standby and able to give you much better advice than your well-meaning girlfriends would ever be equipped to do. You’ll truly be guided by the best in the business!

Plus you’ll get all the support you need to unlearn how you’ve been “doing love” up until now… and the motivation to practice more effective dating and relationship skills in the real-world!

Here’s how this INVALUABLE 24/7 service can support you:

  • Get additional guidance to help you integrate what you’re learning, grow and build your confidence
  • Ask questions about issues that show up in between sessions, such as how to respond to your new love interest’s confusing text… or what to do when your boyfriend pulls away
  • Get advice on how to act on a date or a new guy you’ve been chatting to on Bumble… but already feel anxious about
  • Share your disappointment, hurt and pain with someone who truly gets it if your relationship feels toxic and you don’t know what to do
  • Get reassurance that you’re on the right track and the motivation to keep testing out the methods so you can finally get the love your heart yearns for


BRAND-NEW Live Masterclass With Rori (90 Minutes)

Live Masterclass

During this very special masterclass, you’ll have the opportunity to share with me your progress and receive even more personalized coaching by me.

Plus, to keep this masterclass intimate so you get the most value, only a few other women will be on the call, and I’ll be tailoring it specifically to meet your needs.

Here’s How It’ll Work:
  • Share your progress, ask questions and receive even more coaching from me
  • Watch and learn from the other women being coached as often their stories and struggles will help you see your own issues more clearly (and often your blindspots too)
  • Learn my newest Tools that I haven't shared anywhere else yet


Three Group Coaching Sessions With One Of The Master Coaches (60 mins)

Group Coaching

Sometimes the biggest “aha!” moments come from hearing other people getting coached on similar issues you’re experiencing.

This is why you’ll also get 3 group coaching sessions so you can benefit from the power, connection and breakthroughs that are often ignited during group coaching.

Note: to keep these groups intimate, they’ll each be limited to 3-5 people.

Here’s how they’ll work:

  • Share your wins, questions and “dissect” your challenges with the group to get feedback on how to navigate them using Rori Raye Tools
  • Gain a deeper understanding and even a different perspective when you listen to other women getting coached (as often their issues mirror your own)
  • Be part of a “sisterhood” of women who know exactly what you’re going through and also believe in the sacred approach of embodying your femininity and leaning back into love (not all your friends will “get” this… especially as we live in a very masculine world!)
  • Be fully seen for who you are and what you’re going through without any judgment, shame, or the risk of being seen as “too much” (this in itself can be incredibly cathartic, especially if you feel like you often need to hide this side of yourself from others)

Enroll NOW And You’ll Also Get These Wonderful Bonuses:

1. The Love Forever Digital Program (Value $197)

Love Forever Bonus

In this very popular signature program, you’ll learn:

  • The dynamics of making a man fall for you and how the “energy bubble of love” works
  • How to dial a man to his “love channel” – no matter what’s going on with him
  • How to shift your vibe so a man can actually FEEL the real you
  • The nuts-and-bolts of scripting, circular dating (even if you’re married…), and healing your old patterns with toxic men
  • How to create real, genuine, mind-blowing, deeply emotional INTIMACY
  • How my husband knew I was “The One,” and how I pulled our marriage back from the brink of divorce (you’ll get access to a recording of me interviewing him!)

Self-Love In 12 Steps Bonus

2. Self-Love In 12 Steps Masterclass – Includes videos and workbooks (VALUE $97)

In this masterclass, with Rori and master coach Mariah Grey, you’ll learn:

  • Why if you don’t love yourself it’s impossible to fully give and receive love with anyone else
  • How to end all the self-dissing, self-taunting, self-ignoring, self-blaming, self-stopping, self-small-making (these are all acts of self-harm… we’ll show you how to self-love instead)
  • How to stop feeling “not good enough” so you can embrace and show the real you

3. Puppetmaster Control Masterclass – Includes 7 videos and a 50-page manual (VALUE $97)

Puppetmaster Control Masterclass Bonus

In this enlightening Masterclass with Rori, you’ll learn:

  • Why trying to control your love life not only kills love, but it stops the magnetic pull of EVERYTHING you want in life (and even pushes things away)
  • How to accomplish everything you want by also knowing when and how to relinquish control
  • Plus, you’ll also get access to 7 Puppermaster videos and a 50-page manual (all created by Rori) to help you lean back into love and trust your feminine power

4. “From Anger To Love” Masterclass With Rori – Includes workbook (VALUE $97))

From Anger To Love Bonus

In this empowering Masterclass, you’ll learn:

  • How to use your frustration, resentment and downright rage to motivate a man to faller deeper for you and become the man you want
  • How to dive into your feminine energy, swim in chaos, feel your power and emerge with an entirely new way of expressing your RIGHTEOUS rage
  • How to solve your arguments, heated discussions and explosive fights so you can get your love life back on track

Private Facebook Group

5. Access To The Private Love Forever Facebook Group

  • Share your wins and challenges with other women going through the program
  • Ask questions and for support when you need it by posting in the group
  • Learn from the questions other women ask and feel less alone with your dating or relationship challenges
  • Connect and build friendships with amazing women in this journey to love and fulfillment

Join “The Love Fix” Private Coaching

♥ Your DEEP DIVE 1-on-1 coaching session with Rori

♥ 6 coaching sessions with Rori’s superstar master coaches

♥ 3 group coaching sessions with Rori’s coaches

♥ UNLIMITED voice messaging service with your coach

♥ BRAND-NEW masterclass led by Rori

♥ 3 pre-recorded masterclasses led by Rori

♥ The Love Forever digital program

Early bird price: $4,495

(save $500 - hurry, spaces are limited)

Regular price: $4,995


**Payment plans are also available**

What Happens Next?

Get your questions answered before you say “I do” to Rori and her master coaches transforming the way you “do love” once and for all.

1. Complete the questionnaire on the next page (this helps us learn all about your goals and challenges, so we can custom design a program for you AND make sure you are a good fit.)

2. Schedule your free no-obligation call with Master Coach Naomie.

3. Ask Naomie all your questions to make sure this is the right program for you.


Beth Ellen
Beth Ellen:
Love After Divorce And Blended Families

Beth knows too well how it feels to put the best of what you have into a relationship, only for it to not work out – leaving you to feel devastated, confused and like you're never going to get the love that you want.

As a result of these painful relationship experiences, Beth became a coach and was trained personally by Rori Raye. She uses the Modern Siren techniques to coach women through the different relationship phases – from single to wife, to mother (or not) – and to single again. As a woman attracting her best life, Beth feels thrilled to share the methods she’s learned to transform her own life with the women who want to feel confident and experience the love that every woman deserves.

Naomie Thompson
Naomie Thompson:
Attract The Love You Think You Can't Have

When Naomie's ex-husband and father of her two children told her that he wanted a divorce, her whole world fell apart. As she started to pick up the pieces, she realized that she was never satisfied in her marriage and was always criticizing him.

This sent her on the quest of her life, which was to find a love that felt easy, fun and like home. Through this work, she discovered that the love she was seeking was with herself. Only then did she find a wonderful relationship. And since becoming a certified Rori Raye Relationship Coach, she helps women surrender into what they think they can't have. She is also the Director of Rori Raye Coach Training and is one of the coaches for Rori Raye Live.

Natalina Love
Natalina Love:
Empowerment, Magnetizing And Authenticity

Natalina is a minister, certified Rori Raye Relationship Coach, reiki master and an artist of life. She is also the Director of the Rori Raye Siren School, and specializes in empowering women to connect with their emotions and authentic selves so they can magnetize the right kind of man.

Natalina wasn't always this successful and comfortable in her own skin though. She used to be closed off to her emotions, especially the painful ones. But as a result of her own healing journey and her training with Rori, she knows the secret of moving through this stuck place and into the life of your dreams. And she can't wait to share this wisdom with you!

Mariah Grey
Mariah Grey:
Self Love & Overcoming The "Bad Boy" Addiction

For years, Mariah struggled with low self-esteem and body issues. She also had an addiction to the “bad boys,” which meant she tolerated terrible treatment and even abuse from men who said they “loved” her.

After getting divorced for the second time by the age of 35, she vowed to never be in this place again and began the deep work of healing and loving herself. Through this work, she realized that she wanted to help other women connect with their worth and find true love, which is why she became a certified Rori Raye Relationship Coach.

Michelle Manley
Michelle Manley:
How To Have It All

Michelle was extremely successful in her career, but very unsuccessful in love. With a string of failed relationships and a corporate career that drained her, she felt her entire life was out of alignment. She realized the problem was that she had been leading from her masculine in work… and in love.

But once she became connected to her feminine energy – everything in her life changed. With a background in career coaching, Michelle already knew how powerful coaching was, so she sought out Rori Raye and become one of her certified relationships coaches. She’s since also become an entrepreneur, and loves helping women connect with femininity so they can have it all.

Lylian Toscano
Lylian Toscano:
Dating From Your Femininity

Lylian never had a problem attracting men. But she struggled to attract the right kind of men. She realized she was afraid of intimacy and lacked the skills to attract and keep the kind of man she truly wanted. Even though she wanted love so badly, she was blocking it by shielding her heart.

It all changed for Lylian when she started balancing her feminine and masculine energy. As soon as she did, she started to relate to men in a totally different way, which led to immediate results. Lylian has since become a certified Rori Raye Relationship Coach and specializes in helping women navigate the nuances of dating and balancing polarity so they can get the right guy.

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  • My coach has helped me identify the limiting beliefs that are blocking me from love. I can see now how her coaching is beyond just finding my dream guy, it is about creating a life I absolutely love.”

  • In just one session, I felt a powerful shift within me from a place of demotivation to a place of motivation, self-love and the belief that I can have everything I want in my life. My coach was instrumental in helping me make a major life decision.”

  • My coaching sessions have been invaluable. My coach has helped me to get CLEAR on what I want and what I need to do to have what I want. She is intuitive in her approach and able to draw out the deeper truths to get me where I want to be.”

  • I learned from this intensive training that I can allow myself to have space and trust love to flow in exactly when and where it’s needed. I have tried to be in charge of the “how” love is doled out to me, and then I am not satisfied and always asking for more, crying because I felt neglected or diminished.

    Leaning back seems counter intuitive to me as well as circular dating — however with practice I had great results. I felt love and affection flow in from friends and myself in a deeper way. I appreciated my loved one even more when he stepped forward. We had an opportunity to experience each other differently because of this work.

    What a miracle :)”

Join “The Love Fix” Private Coaching

♥ Your DEEP DIVE 1-on-1 coaching session with Rori

♥ 6 coaching sessions with Rori’s superstar master coaches

♥ 3 group coaching sessions with Rori’s coaches

♥ UNLIMITED voice messaging service with your coach

♥ BRAND-NEW masterclass led by Rori

♥ 3 pre-recorded masterclasses led by Rori

♥ The Love Forever digital program

Early bird price: $4,495

(save $500 - hurry, spaces are limited)

Regular price: $4,995


**Payment plans are also available**

What Happens Next?

Get your questions answered before you say “I do” to Rori and her master coaches transforming the way you “do love” once and for all.

1. Complete the questionnaire on the next page (this helps us learn all about your goals and challenges, so we can custom design a program for you AND make sure you are a good fit.)

2. Schedule your free no-obligation call with Master Coach Naomie.

3. Ask Naomie all your questions to make sure this is the right program for you.

Not Sure If This Is For You?
Here’s Your Alternative

I get that this life-changing coaching program is a 3-month commitment and that you might be thinking:

“Maybe my issues will eventually just resolve on their own… or once I meet the right guy, or once my husband completely changes.”

And maybe they will. I truly hope for you that they do.

But answer these 3 questions honestly:

  1. How often has any emotional or relationship issue just vanished without you doing something to fix it?
  2. How often does Mr Right come knocking at your door (especially if he never has before and your dating strategies to date have led to more lonely Saturday nights than you care to admit?)
  3. How often does any man just change because YOU want him to?

If you’re like most women, your answers to the above questions are probably “once in a blue moon,” “still waiting” and “never!”

So you could wait it out and waste even more months, years and decades trying to unscramble the unsolvable puzzle that has been your love life…

OR you could fast-track this process and get ALL the answers, Tools, and support you need to do a complete 360 in your love life in just 3 months.

This coaching program will give you a mental, emotional and physical experience of doing love differently – especially as 90% of it is done through role-plays.

What this means is that you’ll FEEL what it’s like to lean back into your feminine power. You’ll PRACTICE how to speak, act and engage differently with men.

You’ll EMBODY decades worth of my best tools and naturally start using them to attract the right man, or to transform an on-the-rocks relationship into a success story that makes everyone around you secretly envious.

But more importantly:

This is the ULTIMATE gift to your future self.

You’ll be laying the foundations for your dream relationship by breaking old patterns and transforming into the kind of woman that makes a man take notice of and never want to leave!

You probably already spend so much money on self-care and making yourself “attractive” – such as getting your hair done, buying make-up, going to the the gym and indulging in a sexy silk two-piece lingerie set when the mood strikes.

And while all of these things might get a man’s attention… they’re superficial magnets.

They’re not what makes a man fall in love, and stay in love.

Knowing this, the question is then: why wouldn’t you invest in the one PROVEN thing that can fasttrack what you really want?

Because after 3 months with me and my superstar coaches, you’ll know exactly how to speak directly to a man’s heart and nurture a deep, lifelong relationship.

Join “The Love Fix” Private Coaching

♥ Your DEEP DIVE 1-on-1 coaching session with Rori

♥ 6 coaching sessions with Rori’s superstar master coaches

♥ 3 group coaching sessions with Rori’s coaches

♥ UNLIMITED voice messaging service with your coach

♥ BRAND-NEW masterclass led by Rori

♥ 3 pre-recorded masterclasses led by Rori

♥ The Love Forever digital program

Early bird price: $4,495

(save $500 - hurry, spaces are limited)

Regular price: $4,995


**Payment plans are also available**

What Happens Next?

Get your questions answered before you say “I do” to Rori and her master coaches transforming the way you “do love” once and for all.

1. Complete the questionnaire on the next page (this helps us learn all about your goals and challenges, so we can custom design a program for you AND make sure you are a good fit.)

2. Schedule your free no-obligation call with Master Coach Naomie.

3. Ask Naomie all your questions to make sure this is the right program for you.

Questions You Might Have Before Saying,
“Yes, Please Fix My Love Life, Rori!

Q. What happens after I request to book a call?

Great question! We’ll send you a questionnaire to fill in to learn more about your situation before we schedule your call.

We want to ensure that your situation is a good fit for the program so we can help you achieve a very specific goal within 3 months: fix your unique love problem once and for all.

This is not something we take lightly, so we want you to feel 100% confident before you start working with us.

So in this exploratory call, you’ll have a chance to ask questions and share more about your situation before you commit to this process… which is going to completely transform how you’ve been “doing love” up until now.

Q. I attended Rori Raye Live. How is this different?

Rori Raye Live is an all-day group coaching experience with 20+ women.

It’s a fantastic opportunity to do a deeper dive than my digital courses allow because you have the benefit of being in a big coaching experience. Plus you also have the chance to be coached by me for 10 minutes.

“The Love Fix” is the next level up from Rori Raye Live.

Not only will you have more time with me (and in private this time, but you’ll also have six one-on-one sessions with my top master coaches who have been extensively trained by me. These sessions will focus solely on solving your unique love or relationship challenges and will be tailored exclusively to your needs, challenges and the outcome you want to achieve.

Plus, you’ll also get 3 group coaching sessions (these groups will be small, around 3-5 people) so you’ll get to experience an intimate coaching experience where everyone’s questions and breakthroughs are catalysts for your own transformation too.

You’ll also get access to a brand-new masterclass led by me, as well as the Love Forever digital course, the private Love Forever Facebook group. Plus 3 masterclasses that I have previously recorded that aren’t available anywhere else.

What’s more, this unique coaching experience spans over 3 months, whereas Rori Raye Live is a one-day event.

Q. How will I be partnered up with my coach(es)?

After I receive your enrollment, I’ll send you a questionnaire so I can learn more about you and your unique challenges in love.

My coaches have all received 22 weeks of training from me, but are also highly skilled in their own right and have their own areas of expertise, such as online dating, marriage problems, sex and intimacy, love after divorce, blended families, flirting, religion, jealousy, anger, body image issue… and basically every love and relationship issue you might encounter.

So based on your information, I’ll match you with the coach, or coaches, who I think is right for you.

Q. Can I request to work with all of the coaches if I want?

Absolutely! You may already know a specific coach and request to work with her! We’ll also make recommendations based on your unique situation.

This is YOUR “Love Fix”, so we’ll match you with the BEST person for you!

Q. Can I change my coach if I don’t feel they’re a good fit?

YES!! I want you to feel a connection with your coach. You may reach out at any time if you’d like a different coach. No questions asked!

Q. When will I get coached by Rori?

Once the program begins, you’ll immediately be paired with your coach (or coaches) and they’ll start using Rori Raye Tools to solve your unique problem in love. During this time, they’ll be updating me on your progress and getting my feedback when needed.

While you can request a session with me at any point, I suggest that you work with your coach for at least a few sessions and ask for their guidance on when they think you’re ready to see me so you get the most out of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

Q. Is the Voxer messaging service really unlimited?

Yes! I want to give you all the support you need as you undergo this life-changing process of changing your love patterns, so you’ll ALWAYS have your coach at-your-back to solve immediate problems, help script your words, and support you emotionally.

Here’s how it works: You can send short audio notes, screen shots, and text messages to your Coach, and she will reply with insights, advice, and tools for you to practice.

Staying in touch with your coach through Voxer Voicemail is a great way to maximize the support you’ll receive from her. Your coach will ponder your question and reply as soon as possible with the most helpful advice. Sometimes she’ll have to think about it, but sometimes you’ll benefit from the fact that she’ll have seen this exact pattern before, and will have an answer right away!

There are no limits to your access to your coaches, but there are a few “best practices” that will give you the best results when using this amazing service:

  • Have a clear question or dilemma when contacting your coach, so she can focus on how best to help you
  • You may reach out 24/7 – at any time or day, and you’ll hear back within 24 hours (unless it’s a weekend, then your coach will get back to you on the next business day.)

So, What Are You Waiting For?

If you’re tired of your love life not going as planned.

And of trying so hard to work out your man… or of trying to find a man…

… then The Love Fix is about to change all of that for you.

Because in just 3 months, you’ll get a tailor-made solution to your unique love problem so there’s no more:

  • pushing high-quality men away
  • second-guessing your worth
  • feeling like you’re not enough
  • being sabotaged by your blindspots
  • wondering what to say or how to act around a man

In fact, I’ll make sure of it.

Because this unique coaching experience includes a PRIVATE coaching session with me – Rori – which I haven’t offered to anyone in years. During this session, you’ll get the exact advice I’d give myself if I were in your shoes… advice that has 20 years of wisdom and thousands and thousands of coaching hours behind it.

You’ll also get 6 private coaching sessions with my most elite, superstar coaches who have received extensive training by me (we’re talking 22 weeks worth), and who are high-performing coaches in their own right skilled in a variety of different areas – so no matter your “love issue” – you’ll get the support and solution you need.

Plus, you’ll also be able to send unlimited voice messages to your coach (or coaches if you’re working with more than one) whenever you need support with a dating or relationship issue, for example, “I’m about to send this text message to the guy I’m dating – can you give me feedback pls?”

Plus, you’ll also get access to a brand-new masterclass with me, which will be a mix of individual coaching, me checking in on your progress, and me sharing brand-new Rori Tools I haven’t shared anywhere else before.

Plus, you’ll also get access to 3 previously recorded masterclasses (which aren’t available anywhere else) to ensure you have all the tools, techniques, confidence and support you need to transform your love life once and for all.

So the question really is:

Are you truly ready to commit to what your heart desires? To no more wasting time and no more unnecessary heartaches because you have a tailor-made solution that’ll act as your north star directing you to the love story you’ve always fantasized about…

If so, I’m about to make your dreams a reality for you.

Join The Love Fix now so we can get started.

I can’t wait to connect with you one-on-one and help you Have The Relationship Of Your Dreams…


Rori Raye

Join “The Love Fix” Private Coaching

♥ Your DEEP DIVE 1-on-1 coaching session with Rori

♥ 6 coaching sessions with Rori’s superstar master coaches

♥ 3 group coaching sessions with Rori’s coaches

♥ UNLIMITED voice messaging service with your coach

♥ BRAND-NEW masterclass led by Rori

♥ 3 pre-recorded masterclasses led by Rori

♥ The Love Forever digital program

Early bird price: $4,495

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Regular price: $4,995


**Payment plans are also available**

What Happens Next?

Get your questions answered before you say “I do” to Rori and her master coaches transforming the way you “do love” once and for all.

1. Complete the questionnaire on the next page (this helps us learn all about your goals and challenges, so we can custom design a program for you AND make sure you are a good fit.)

2. Schedule your free no-obligation call with Master Coach Naomie.

3. Ask Naomie all your questions to make sure this is the right program for you.