How To Save Your Relationship Or Re-Attract The Guy That’s Pulled Away – And FAST – By Rebalancing The “Invisible Energy Exchange” That Builds Or Breaks Attraction

Discover the proven, confidence-boosting tools to subtly shift your words and body language so you can naturally inspire his heart to chase after yours once more (and by doing 90% less “relationship fixing” than you’re currently doing).

Couple Hugging

Hi, it’s Rori Raye here. If you want to fix your failing relationship or re-attract the man who once seemed completely besotted with you, and without using manipulative tactics that cause you to lose the real you and second-guess your every word and move…

… and without having to contort yourself like you’re in a power yoga class just so you can “earn” his breadcrumbs of love that leave you starving for more… then this is going to be the most important message you read today.

But First, Answer These Questions (Honestly)

  • Have you ever found yourself left hanging by a man who withdraws after treating you like his soulmate for months because he’s suddenly “busy” or needs more “space”?
  • Are you finding yourself almost “out-of-control,” where you’re always texting him (or at least wanting to)? Or are you constantly stalking him online, looking for clues of what he’s up to… and whether he’s interacting with other women?
  • Do you find yourself always being “understanding” about a man’s stress and his work and family situations – even though it puts you on hold and makes you feel insecure, anxious and abandoned?
  • Or maybe things seem “fine” between you and a man but it feels like he’s stalling and the relationship is stuck somewhere way short of where you want it to be?
  • Have you been dating someone for months and feel hurt and angry he still hasn’t asked you for commitment… and resent that YOU have to bring it up (after all, he was crazy about you in the beginning!)
  • Are you wondering if you’re in a dead-end relationship? Running it in your head over and over again – telling yourself that you "should have seen the red flags", even though, deep down, you know the chemistry was so great you probably would have ignored them anyway?
  • Are you thinking that the man you’re with is your “one shot” – and that if this one fails, you’ll be alone forever?

If You Reluctantly Answered “Yes” – Take A Sigh Of Relief, You CAN Reignite The Love And Desire… And FAST

What I’m about to share will transform the root cause of why the love and affection in your relationship has wilted like your favorite flower on a hot summer’s day.

And if you’re dating someone, and they have suddenly pulled away and you’re left agonizing over what went wrong and dissecting texts over and over again in case you find a new clue that explains why his affection has flipped from hot to cold, you’re going to know exactly what to do to inspire him to step up and claim you once more.

And the best part?

Unlike a lot of relationship advice, what I’m about to share involves you doing about 90% less “relationship fixing” than what you’ve currently been doing, and it speaks to the primal instincts of a man.

What’s more, it’s going to make you feel confident, sensual, fun, juicy and alive… and will transform your insecure “love energy” – the very energy that pushes men away – once and for all.

The end result?

You’ll finally understand men in a way most women never do, and you’ll become magnetic to your man – and to all men – and almost overnight, too.

But before I share my “effortless relationship fix formula,” let me tell you a story…

My Husband Was Crazy About Me, Until…

When my marriage first started to go bad, it came out of NOWHERE.

He’d always paid me so much attention and I believed we were deeply connected.

But then it just went cold.

All of a sudden it seemed that he had no interest in me.

Work was more important.

Playing music was more important.

His friends and family were more important.

I became desperately unhappy and my anxiety level went through the roof.

If he wanted a moment to himself, I took it as a rejection.

When he’d forget to take out the garbage, or not do things for me that he’d automatically done before, I felt frustrated – and then I started to feel scared that he’d NEVER take care of me again.

My fear and insecurity caused me to start doing everything wrong.

I started pushing him so far away that I might as well have been shoving him with my fists.

I tried everything I knew.

I was nicer, I cooked more, I cleaned up more, I took care of our daughter and I tried to stay out of the way when he was playing with her so they could have some one-on-one time.

I tried initiating sex… and was turned down. This alone almost destroyed what was left of my dwindling self-esteem.

Over time, my husband withdrew more and more, and soon we turned to therapy… thinking it was the big move we needed to fix things.

But all therapy did was make me angrier – at him, and at myself for not knowing how to fix “us”… and for things being the way they were in the first place.

I thought we were done for.

I felt helpless, hopeless, undesirable and stupid. And really, really angry.

3 Common Mistakes Women Unintentionally Make In Romantic Relationships

Over time, I recognized that 3 painful mistakes were at THE ROOT of everything that was going wrong in my marriage.

And throughout my 20+ years of experience as a dating and relationship coach, I’ve helped thousands of women “undo the damage” caused by these very common relationship-destroying mistakes.


Pretending That You’re Just “Fine!” (When You’re Really, Really Not!)

pensive woman

If you’re anything like a lot of women, you’ve probably been taught to hold in certain kinds of feelings.

Like anger, frustration and sadness.

For example, when your man starts making zero effort to plan dates or to celebrate you when something important has happened in your life.

You’ve probably been taught to suck it up, put on a smiley face, and act like the “cool girl” who is super easy going when the latest work stress or money worries take over.

You’ve probably been taught to nurture your man and give him space when he’s going through a rough period.

To put your own unmet needs for connection, intimacy and consistency on the backburner (again), even though it’s making you completely miserable (again).

And the real kicker?

Instead of this bringing him closer, this actually pushes him FURTHER away.

That’s because when you’re too understanding of a man’s bad behavior, he often views you as being needy and insecure. Plus, being on the receiving end of too much “nurturing” from a woman reminds him of his mother – and that’s just not sexy or appealing to a man.

What’s more, when you do this long enough, you lose the ability to express yourself authentically.

And when you do finally express yourself, you feel unsatisfied because you had to ask.

Your words are laced with resentment and sound like you don’t trust or respect him, which makes him feel like you don’t need him, or that he’s a massive disappointment.


Your Personal Power and Self-Worth Are Enmeshed With A Man’s Ability To Love And Validate You

unhappy and lonely

Ever feel fairly confident when you first start dating a man?

Especially when he’s lighting up your phone every day with sweet messages and always asking when he can see you next.

But as soon as there’s a shift in his behavior, for example, he takes longer to respond to your texts and is no longer asking you out for romantic dinner dates on the weekend, your confidence plummets.

You start to feel needy and desperate to hear from him again. You check your phone constantly, and even carry it from room to room, just in case he texts.

You become so anxious, your nervous system goes into overdrive. You have trouble staying present in conversations and wake up during the night to check your phone.

When this happens – you give your self-worth and power away. All of a sudden a man’s validation becomes more important than your own, and men can actually feel this.

Or if you’re in a committed relationship, maybe when your partner becomes more and more distant with you, you begin to wonder whether he still loves you. You question your self-worth and feel paralyzed by fear and anger.

You assume his change in behavior must have something to do with you.

You try to talk about it with him, but this makes everything worse because you’re both in triggered, wounded states – as a result, every word turns into a big argument, and soon you’re either fighting all the time, or you’re stuffing your real feelings down to avoid conflict.


You’re Bringing The Masculine Energy You Use To Succeed In The World… Into Your Love Life

This one’s a tricky one.

Feminine and Masculine energy

I want to be clear here: there is NOTHING wrong with having masculine energy.

In fact, we all have it to varying degrees. And this action-oriented energy is needed to do things in the world, like fixing problems, running households, working and taking decisive action.

To get ahead in life, us women have had to learn how to hone our masculine energy, to strengthen it, and to boldly step into it. The tough part is, this same energy doesn’t work in a romantic relationship if you’re with a man whose dominant energy is masculine.

When you lead with this energy in your love life – and you’re constantly trying to fix, control and lead things – your man starts to feel replaced, less needed, less attracted… and less like a man who wants to provide, impress and protect you.

Over time, it’s like having two batteries with the same charge: they don’t work.

For batteries to work, you need a negative and positive terminal. And the same is true in romantic relationships, you need opposing forces: masculine and feminine energies.

The Problems With My Marriage (And Maybe Your Relationship, Too?)

In short, my marriage was falling apart because:

💔 Our relationship had become disconnected because the dynamic that had caused so much love and attraction to begin with – our invisible energy exchange – had changed and lost its natural magnetic charge. I was stuck in “fix it” mode and was wearing my “masculine hat” to get closer to a masculine man, which pushed him away.

💔 I didn’t know how to skillfully and authentically express my thoughts and emotions – I would mask my real feelings and people-please to the nth degree. I thought this would make him happy, but it broke our connection because he couldn’t feel the real me (and neither could I).

💔 My insecure “love energy” – which was always bubbling beneath the surface – became even more activated once he started pulling away, which sent my anxiety and insecurity into overdrive. I became obsessed with how much he was or wasn’t loving me. I lost touch with myself and the radiant woman he fell in love with. The more I leaned in to problem-solve and get his validation, the more he pulled away.

So I Decided To Do Things COMPLETELY Differently, And Unbelievably, My Husband Did A Total 180… And Within Just Two Weeks!

Eventually, my husband had withdrawn so much that I could no longer pretend it wasn’t really happening, I’d been “putting a good face” on things for too long.

I’d been making the three mistakes over and over and over again.

I was trying hard to prove I was the great wife I wanted him to see me as. I spent my life trying hard to make him happy.

Until I finally tried something I’d never tried before. I STOPPED TRYING.

I stopped asking him to do things – and more importantly – I stopped doing them myself.

I focused on making myself happy instead of trying to make HIM happy.

I spoke to him differently and experimented with letting him know how I was feeling instead of keeping everything bottled up.

And it worked.

Within about two weeks, everything changed. Once I experimented with a new way of doing things, my man responded in a new way.

All the fights stopped.

Sex came back, strong.

It was as if there had always been the easy communication and love flowing between us that I was now experiencing.

And it was just so clear to me, and so obvious to everyone who saw us together, that everything about our relationship was different and incredibly, newly wonderful.

The years and pain of all the trial-and-error I went through finally got me to the place where I was able to relate to men in a completely new way.

In a way that could bring them close, open their hearts, and make them never want to leave.

Which is why I created…

The Reconnect Your Relationship Program
Inspire Him To Be The Perfect Partner For You

Reconnect Your Relationship is a short video program that will show you how to make subtle changes to your body language and words so you can rebalance the invisible masculine and feminine energy exchange that underpins the success of your relationship.

In just 6 modules, you’ll learn how to connect with your feminine power, improve how you verbally and physically communicate, and how to master the art of doing about 90% less to transform your relationship.

The videos, exercises and tools I share are designed to get you out of your head and into your body.

I’ll teach you how to EMBODY what you feel – not through more logic and overthinking – but through your body language, emotions and your words.

My “do less to get more” approach speaks to a man’s primal instinct to come forward and claim you as his woman. (Well, any man that’s worth having in your life).

And the best part? It makes you feel great.

When you stop controlling, stop fixing, stop chasing and stop letting your insecurities rule you, you make space for the qualities that make a man feel deep love and attraction.

Such as radiance, self-respect, confidence and a loving connection to yourself.

These are the secrets to becoming magnetic to a man (and making him want to commit to you forever), and my Reconnect Your Relationship program will teach you how to amplify them by about 10x, and almost overnight, too.

Couple Reconnecting Deeply

Here’s What Life Looks Like After Completing Reconnect Your Relationship:

  • You stop analyzing and agonizing over what to say to a man because you know exactly how to confidently navigate the most challenging situations (the ones that often make you feel painfully insecure!)
  • You know how to use your feelings so a man feels close to you, wants to open up to you, and fall in love with you (no more hiding the real you!)
  • You know how to get out of your head and into your body when you start feeling anxious, insecure or like you need to “fix” a situation – instead, you know how to lean back in love, while still knowing how to lean forward in life so you can succeed in both domains
  • You no longer feel controlled, bullied and drained by that nasty, critical voice in your head because you have a simple technique to rescue your self-esteem any time “head trash” takes over
  • You know how to make him work hard to get close to your heart and not just your body
  • You know how to shift your “vibe” and feel instantly confident, even when you’re feeling nervous or on edge
  • You no longer feel your worst qualities are “bad” – instead, you lovingly turn them into things that actually attract men because you’re being authentic
  • You know how to “have the talk” with your man if you want him to commit to you for the long-term… and not just the summer (and without actually having to ask him)
  • You know how to avoid the one mistake that makes him lose interest faster than anything else
  • You know how to quickly “undo the damage” in your relationship and turn him toward you – no matter how far away he seems right now

Rekindle, Rebuild And Reconnect

♥ 6+ hours of relationship changing audio lessons
♥ My BEST Tools to bring him close again
♥ 30 days of daily coaching videos with me
♥ Streaming or downloadable format
♥ Immediate Access on all devices
♥ Money-Back Guarantee

Only $199.97 (best value!)
or 5 payments of $44.97


This Program Includes:

Part 1 - Are You Chasing Him?

Part 1: Are You Chasing Him?

  • How to create the right “energy exchange” with a man so that he is the one chasing you –and you can just relax and enjoy his adoration
  • How to tell whether you’re in a real relationship or just an “imaginary” one that is bound to break your heart
  • The common ways we accidentally push men away and put the brakes on a promising relationship
  • What to do to move past your fear of intimacy so that a man can truly get close to you
Part 2 - How to Approach

Part 2: How to Approach

  • How to undo all the damage in your relationship by doing LESS (you’ll find out if he’s really capable of giving you more)
  • Feeling messages: how to talk to a man so he’ll really hear you and want to please you
  • Exclusivity: my shocking approach to get you the committed relationship you really want
  • How to set boundaries and say “no” so you get what you want without pushing him away
Part 3 - What To Say

Part 3: What To Say

  • How to “melt” in little ways throughout the day so that a man will naturally want to give you more romance, more attention, and more affection
  • The one word you want to use when you express your feelings to a man (he won’t be able to resist you)
  • The Good Night Talk Tool: use this the next time you speak with a man on the phone to leave him wanting more of you
  • The kind of body language that makes a man stop in his tracks, turn around, and see you as a sensual, alluring woman
Part 4 - Your Feelings and Emotions

Part 4: Your Feelings and Emotions

  • How to use your emotions to bring him close, even when you feel totally stuck in a bad feeling or a worry
  • Taming the “Nasty Voice” in your head – that inner critic that sabotages your best efforts at love
  • Why affirmations can be counterproductive – here’s what to do instead so you can feel relaxed, confident, and at ease
  • Why being angry can actually be good – I’ll tell you how to use your anger to create a more connected relationship
Part 5 - Loving Yourself

Part 5: Loving Yourself

  • How to love yourself first so a man will feel absolutely compelled to love you
  • Using all your senses to become more present, grounded, and attractive
  • How to bond with him deeply in the bedroom – and feel more pleasured than ever
  • Why you should date other men if you’re not in a committed relationship (and how to do it so the right man steps up to the plate for you)

…plus an in-depth session where I answer questions from women like you – single, married, and divorced

Part 6 - Your Feelings and Emotions

Part 6: Q & A Session: In this in-depth session, I answer questions from women just like you – single, married and divorced, and on topics such as:

  • How to rescue a relationship gone cold due to poor communication and silly games by having a heart-to-heart chat so you can talk from your heart, rather than your triggered mind
  • How to move on from your ex after he’s left you for another woman, even if you still love him and he’s sending you mixed signals
  • How to stop wearing the “boy hat” and resist the urge to fix when your man is in a funk
  • What to do when your jealousy is causing you chronic anxiety and insecurity, and pushing your man away
  • What to do when your husband is no longer in love with you, has stopped having sex with you, and is having an emotional relationship with someone else… yet. leaving is not an option due to religious reasons


Plus, you’ll also get downloadable exercises to help you embody the Tools and exercises from each module so you can experience faster breakthroughs in your love life.

PLUS, As A Special Bonus, You’ll Also Get 30 Days Of Video Coaching With Me – Absolutely Free!

As my gift to you, you can opt to receive a full free month of my Heart-To-Heart Daily Coaching videos. These daily “mini lessons” teach you how to LIVE my Siren Tools — day in and day out — to create a dramatic change in your love life.

For less than $1 a day, you’ll get daily guidance, support, and encouragement from me. This routine will strengthen your inner Siren power, no matter what situation arises with a man.

If you love it, do nothing and continue the daily lessons for only $29.97/mo. If, for any reason, you aren’t completely satisfied, simply let me know and pay nothing at all — and still keep the first month for free.

Rekindle, Rebuild And Reconnect

♥ 6+ hours of relationship changing audio lessons
♥ My BEST Tools to bring him close again
♥ 30 days of daily coaching videos with me
♥ Streaming or downloadable format
♥ Immediate Access on all devices
♥ Money-Back Guarantee

Only $199.97 (best value!)
or 5 payments of $44.97


Here’s What Other Women Are Saying About Reconnect Your Relationship

“Reconnect your Relationship is exceptionally excellent… I’ve learned to become more feeling and expressive… Also, I’m not only applying that to my personal relationship, but to work relationships with men and women, too.” – Lydia

❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

“Life Changing! I saw positive results immediately… I felt 100% better about myself, my boundaries, what I want and also deserve.” – Helen

❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

“So brilliant… I have two guys who are now in more communication with me. Thank you again Rori, I come from a family of psychologists – and you have helped me very much.” –Lynda

100% Money Back Guarantee

7-Day Money-Back Guarantee – 100% Risk-Free

I’m so confident that what I teach works that I’m going to let you try out my Reconnect Your Relationship program at absolutely no risk to you – you’ll have a full 7 days to try it out and decide if you’d like to keep it.

If for any reason you’re not happy, simply let me know before the 7 days are up, and I’ll give you a full refund.

What Happens If You Do Nothing Today?

The short answer is: if you do nothing today, nothing changes.
  • You keep stuffing down your real feelings.
  • You keep overanalyzing your relationship.
  • You keep feeling “out of control” due to your fear and anxiety.

If you’re in a relationship, you might keep bringing your unhappiness up and trying to fix it, which keeps you stuck in a loop of you feeling exhausted and like you need to “work” on it… causing him to retreat even further because he’s feeling like a disappointment.

You might even try couples therapy, which may not even get to the underlying problem (unless the therapist is trained in these energetic nuances… many are not.).

You might conclude it’s better to break up, and hope that the next relationship will be better.

That the guy must be the problem.

Until the next guy comes along and you find yourself in the EXACT same situation…

Or, if you’re dating someone who has pulled away, you keep checking your phone 259 times a day to see if he’s texted.

You keep trying to act like the “cool girl” who is happy with crumbs… which makes him try even less until he eventually fades into the distance and you’re left nursing another heartbreak.

I don’t mean to paint such a bleak picture here.

But my point is: this stuff won’t change on its own. A new guy won’t fix it. And nor will a new wardrobe, a smaller waistline or a successful career.

This is about the underlying invisible energy exchange that either makes or breaks a romantic relationship.

And today, you have a unique opportunity to discover how to activate it not only to get the guy, but to save yourself years of heartache, breakups, confusion and all the other messy love stuff that prevents you from getting the love that you secretly fantasize about every night your head hits the pillow.

Rekindle, Rebuild And Reconnect

♥ 6+ hours of relationship changing audio lessons
♥ My BEST Tools to bring him close again
♥ 30 days of daily coaching videos with me
♥ Streaming or downloadable format
♥ Immediate Access on all devices
♥ Money-Back Guarantee

Only $199.97 (best value!)
or 5 payments of $44.97


Why You Should Get Reconnect Your Relationship Right Now

Chances are, if you’re still reading this, your relationship, and maybe every relationship you’ve ever been in, has turned distant, painful and unloving.

Or maybe you can’t even seem to make it to the relationship stage because the guy suddenly disappears after a few dates.

But this can all change, and almost overnight, too.

Because the only thing that’s missing is an understanding of how the masculine and feminine energy exchange works, and subtle changes to your body language and words so you can melt into your feminine power… and melt his heart once again.

Once you discover what I teach in Reconnect Your Relationship, you’ll know EXACTLY how to connect with your man’s heart – with any man’s heart.

You’ll know how to unleash sensual, confident and radiant energy so you feel like a million bucks and become a Siren that’s in hot demand. (Because you will be!)

So don’t wait for another heartbreak until you get help. Or for more years to pass you by.

Take action now so you can reconnect the relationship with the man you really want.


Rori Raye

Rekindle, Rebuild And Reconnect

♥ 6+ hours of relationship changing audio lessons
♥ My BEST Tools to bring him close again
♥ 30 days of daily coaching videos with me
♥ Streaming or downloadable format
♥ Immediate Access on all devices
♥ Money-Back Guarantee

Only $199.97 (best value!)
or 5 payments of $44.97