The Biggest Myth About Creating Breathtaking Romance With A Man… And How THE TRUTH Can Help You Ignite Passion, Devotion, And Intimacy With Him Like Never Before

Tell me…

Have things become so predictable, boring and passionless in your relationship that it feels more like a “luke-warm” friendship… or even a cold business partnership?

Does your man seem more involved and interested in himself these days than anything you have to say or do?

Does he “tune you out” as if you weren’t any more exciting to him than a picture on the wall or a piece of furniture?

Most painful of all…

Does the man who used to act SO charming, attentive and romantic with you now act sullen and moody… easily irritated… even impatient with having you around?

Kissing Her Head
If any of this rings true, I know the frustration and pain you’re feeling… I’ve been there.

That’s why today I’m thrilled to share a simple, success-guaranteed way to make your man sit up, take notice, and start treating you with the romance and passion you deserve all over again.

And here’s the real SHOCKER:

This solution is probably the TOTAL OPPOSITE of everything you believe right now about creating romance - and a whole lot more fun and easy, too!

But, before I show you how to “turn up the heat” in your relationship (and make sure it never goes cold again) – let’s shatter the most destructive myth about romance that almost EVERY woman still believes and suffers from…

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THE MYTH: Why Your Man Is NOT “In Charge” Of The Romance In Your Relationship

If you’re like most women, you grew up with stories like Cinderella as examples of passionate romance.

You grew up believing that we as women are supposed to be heroines in waiting. That it’s up to our romantic hero to swoop in and save the day to be with us.

If he’s a jerk or bad boy, even better… Red-hot sparks will fly as we tame him or fix him, and in the end true love will conquer all.

Wow. Is it any wonder that we end up feeling so disappointed by the truth about romance in our lives?

The passion, surprise, and intensity of romance that we always dreamed about turned out to be just that – a dream.

A total fantasy.

And now, that fantasy makes it seem impossible to enjoy actual, real romance with a man.

But I’m here to tell you, it only SEEMS impossible…

I want you to know that, if you’re willing to make just a few simple changes in how you think about romance, the dream really CAN come true.

No matter how long you’ve been feeling hopeless and helpless…

No matter how you’re man’s treating you, or how long you’ve been together…

No matter how set in his ways your man is (or you in yours) …

… I want you to know THE TRUTH beyond all shadow of a doubt:

Truth Is, The Romance You’ve Been Dreaming About Is Yours For The Taking… Once You Take The Right Steps To Get It

Even if you stop reading this message right here, the one thing I want you to take away is that passionate, connected, vibrant romance is actually right under your nose, right now.

It’s right in front of your eyes, and it’s all around you.

To make it a reality in your every-day relationship with your man, you must simply learn how to do 2 things:

Instead of continuing to look to him for Romance, you must learn how to create and experience Romance within YOURSELF first (no matter how your man is acting right now).
You can use this new skill to naturally, effortlessly bring out these same feelings of romance in HIM.

The results you’ll get by using these simple steps will take your breath away…

You won’t believe how dramatically and suddenly everything begins to change about how YOU now experience romance… and how these changes, in turn, make your man start doing everything in his power to experience more romance WITH you.

As for your man…he won’t be able to put his finger on it.

He probably won’t know why he’s suddenly feeling a new aura of passion and romance surrounding you and your relationship.

But one thing’s for sure…

Once your man senses how immersed you’ve become in romancing YOURSELF, it’s GUARANTEED that he’ll start moving mountains to experience it right along with you.

That in mind:

Haven’t you wasted enough precious time out of your life NOT experiencing the romance you want and deserve?

If so, don’t wait even one day longer…

The Romantic Feelings Inside YOU Are The Key To Unlocking A New World Of Romance With Him

In other words, the surest, easiest way to make him start feeling romance is developing YOUR own sense of romance first through an unbelievably powerful Tool I call “Strong Surrender.”

I want to teach you how to radiate a magical combination of these two seemingly opposing qualities that will make your man breathlessly, passionately, enduringly pursue new romance with YOU.

I know… sounds like an impossible contradiction. How can you be “Strong” and “Surrender” at the same time?

The “Strong” part actually relates to learning how to be strong on your inside – where your self-esteem lives, where your sense of purpose in the world lives, where the affection and devotion you feel for yourself colors all of your experiences.


The “Surrender” part is about being “soft” on your outside – where the words and body language and the “energy” you radiate gets expressed to the world – especially to a man within a romantic relationship.

Here’s How To Use “Strong” And “Surrender” Together To Create The Romance Of Your Dreams

If you’re ready to feel so strong and romantic within yourself that your man literally has no choice but to start wanting the same thing for himself and your relationship…

…I’ve brought together absolutely everything you need to know to do it and create the romance of your dreams at last.

It’s all in my acclaimed NEW ebook called Surrender To Love - The Ultimate Guide To Igniting His Romance.

In Surrender To Love, You’ll Learn:

  • How to use your emotions – all of them – to connect deeply with a man’s heart so that he wants to open up to you more than any other woman
  • How to reclaim and harness the infinitely attractive feminine energy that’s already inside you to “light his fire”
  • How to use “Strong Surrender” to feel and express yourself openly, open up new possibilities in love, and ignite romance
  • The intoxicating power of safety and thrills that will make your man feel like he absolutely has to have you in his life – and only you
  • “Switching Hats”: how to effortlessly draw him in by shifting your energy (I use this concept in every area of my life, and you will, too)
  • How to start feeling so romantic about yourself that your man desperately wants that feeling, too – and does everything he can to experience it with you
  • Thrilling ways to pamper yourself that make your “Siren song” all the more alluring and irresistible to your man
  • How to stop overthinking and get out of your head so that you’re truly present and able to attract the romance you long for
  • How to stop turning him off by doing little things that are not romantic… and that you probably don’t even know you’re doing
  • How to stop letting your preconceived notions of what romantic love is supposed to look and feel like stand between you and real relationship “heat”

If you want to feel an all new appreciation, love, and acceptance of yourself that makes you irresistible to the man you want romance with…

If you want to trade doubt, disappointment, and frustration for a new way of looking at things that AUTOMATICALLY makes romance miraculously just “show up” in your life…

Above all…

If you’re ready to discover astonishing new ways to love yourself that ALSO open up the door to his loving you in new, spectacular ways…

Then I just can’t say it enough:

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I want to help you “surrender” hopelessness in romance…

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Read Surrender To Love – Risk-Free for 7 Days

Ignite breathtaking romance, passion & intimacy with him like never before.
Regular Price: $30
Download Now – Only $9.97

I know that everything you’ll learn will bring new heat, joy and passion to love, so don’t wait another day to revel in the romance you deserve!


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Read Surrender To Love – Risk-Free for 7 Days

Ignite breathtaking romance, passion & intimacy with him like never before.
Regular Price: $30
Download Now – Only $9.97