Lost That Spark In Your Relationship? Here’s A Simple Way To Bring Back The Romance

Are you in a relationship where you and your man have lost that magical romantic spark? Or perhaps you’re burnt out from dating so much and you’re having trouble connecting romantically with a man. I’ve got something that will help you bring back the romance, no matter how busy you are.

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By Rori Raye

If you’ve lost that romantic edge in your relationship or in dating, it can make you feel flat, disconnected and like you’re just going through the motions, right? It’s an awful feeling.

One of the main reasons we want a relationship, and to date is for the romance! So, how do you bring back the romance when it’s been lost?

I’ve got a very simple practice to share with you, that you can start RIGHT NOW - even if you’re overwhelmingly busy with all of life’s demands - that will help bring the romance back.

It’s not any big grand gesture and you don’t need a holiday getaway - this is what makes it perfect for women like you and me - it’s for the everyday, modern woman!

So, right now, no matter where you are in love, I want you to take a moment and just imagine something.

It’s something that may sound a little far-fetched, maybe even like an impossible miracle to you right now…

But I’m so excited to write to you about it today, because it’s something you can start doing right away that will change EVERYTHING about how you’re feeling in life and love - and I can promise you that it’s NOT impossible.

So now, close your eyes and imagine it…

Whether you have kids or not, whether there’s a man in your life or not right now…

… imagine that you could take a simple step that completely changes how a man sees and experiences you, and that INSTANTLY changes his experience of you into a romantic one.

Now, imagine that taking this simple step also brings yourself back into focus, making you feel alive and vibrant and confident again… all while making your life feel less stressful and demanding and making your family feel happier and safer than ever.

Imagine that taking this step allows you to glide effortlessly between your mom-hood (or your everyday work-and-routine-hood) and your most alluring romantic womanhood, all without blinking an eye or having to think twice about it!

Like I said, I know all of this sounds far-fetched.

Like an out-of-reach miracle.

Especially if you’re a woman who gets up each and every morning to face another day of mind-numbing chores, a soul-crushing job, baby spit-up, piles of laundry, a house that needs vacuuming, and an overloaded dishwasher.

I mean, how can you possibly slide effortlessly into romance when you’re a woman who’s dealing with all of this and more?

Even if you had an ounce of energy left over to go out on an actual date, or to share a romantic dinner with the man you have, or to meet a great new guy at the grocery store, you have nothing left to bring to the situation!

That’s why, without another moment’s delay…

I want to share the secret of escaping this “vicious cycle” of exhaustion and disconnection that’s keeping love at a distance for you, no matter what your circumstances are right now.

The secret is simply this:

Romance Doesn’t Happen When You “Think” Or “Hope” It Will… It Happens When You SAY It Will

What does this really mean?

It means that, as a working woman and a mom myself, I know that snapping your fingers to magically change your environment and situation is NOT realistic.

But here’s what IS realistic (and in your power to do right now) if you’ll simply choose to do it:

You CAN choose to change how you experience and give meaning to your environment and situation as it is right now… and therefore miraculously change your day-to-day life in ways that invite romance in again.

And don’t worry… I’m going to show you exactly how to do it - simply and step-by-step - all in ways that work in the REAL WORLD to get results that you probably think just aren’t possible anymore.

To start with, in just a moment I’m going to share a BRAND NEW TOOL with you that is dedicated to helping you escape the vicious cycle of stress, worry, and tension that’s holding you back in love.

But first, here’s all you need to know to help love bloom in YOUR life again:

It’s Who You Are And “How” You Are In Life That Makes All The Difference Between Attracting The Romance You Crave… Or Keeping It Away

In other words, it’s what you do, what you say, what you think, what you feel, that all go into how you attract, relate, and connect to love.

When you start feeling worn down or overwhelmed by your responsibilities - as a woman, as a professional, or as a mommy… when you feel exhausted, frustrated, angry, even disappointed because of it - the distance between you and romance just gets bigger.

happy couple outside with guitar

And here’s the kicker…

Most of the time, you won’t even know it’s happening!

That’s why we need to open our eyes and realize something right here and now:

Men are NOT stupid about picking up on the energy we give off because of the stuff we deal with every day. They intensely feel that energy, and they REACT to it.

If it’s all negative or masculine do-it-all energy coming at them, it makes a man want to distance himself from you even more.

Next, he’ll start to get cranky and “dig” at you… all at the moment when what you need most is love, softness, closeness, arms around you telling you everything’s alright… but all you feel is a man who seems more demanding and lacking understanding than ever.

And so the downward spiral continues… a cyclical pattern that seems to take off and land without us ever catching on to what’s really happening.

The cycle feeds on itself, and we just start feeling more hopeless, alone, and cut off from everything we always dreamed about for ourselves in life and love.

It’s awful.

But it’s also exactly why I’m reaching out to you today…

I Want To Help You Escape This Cycle Of Pain, Frustration, And Confusion Once And For All

And here’s the simple first step, I was telling you about, toward doing it:

As promised, I want to start by giving you a BRAND NEW TOOL that I know will start helping you right away… a Tool that works in any moment where you find yourself “wound up,” or “tense,” or forgetting who you really are as a woman (whether you’re a mom or not…)

A New Tool For You: “Fall Off”

This Tool comes straight out of the wonderful bonus workbook that comes with my Dating Secrets For The Siren Mom audio program (but you definitely don’t have to be a Mom to benefit from it!)

This Tool is all about remembering that falling in love shouldn’t feel like doing - it should just feel like falling.

So, if you’re feeling exhausted, wrung out, and numb in both heart and mind right now, here’s some emergency “first aid” to help you refocus and start moving in the right direction toward love again:

  1. First, imagine yourself in a very high place. It could be on the ledge of a building, which would be super scary. It could be at the edge of the Grand Canyon. It could be on a planet somewhere, at the top of a strange mountain on a strange planet that you don’t even know of, where you can see the whole universe in front of you.
  2. Next, imagine yourself walking to the edge of that ledge, the edge of the canyon, the edge of the mountain. Look around you.
  3. Now feel what you feel. Feel terror, feel boredom, feel like you really don’t want to do the laundry and don’t even want to think about it this moment… and now:
  4. Just step off! Right foot, left foot. One, two, three… fall. Don’t jump, because there’s nothing to “do” here. I just want you to let yourself fall.
  5. In that moment of falling, what’s that feel like? It most likely feels like nothing. All of a sudden the laundry goes away for one second, and you’re just… falling. There’s nothing. It’s a moment of relaxing, release, and empty air. Nothing. It doesn’t even feel scary that you’re going to hit anything. It almost just feels like a blank space.
  6. So what does this blank space do for you? It gets you out of your mind. It gets you from thinking about all of the stuff going around inside your head - to just taking one breather, one tiny, itty-bitty vacation where you’re falling, not doing.
  7. Now, let yourself fall onto the floor. See what that feels like to just “give way.” That’s how you fall in love with yourself and your children, how you fall in love with every single thing, how you fall off the spinning of your mind, and the capturing of a situation that has gotten your attention.

I hope you’ll use this “Fall Off” Tool to create moments, space, and groundedness in your life each and every day.

If you do, I know that it will immediately begin to work wonders for you!

It’s a deceivingly simple tool, but it works for me every time… and it’s worked for many of the women that I coach privately.

Sometimes it’s the simplest things that work best.

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We’re all taught as women that we need to control everything… get through everything… fix everything… you name it.

None of these “functions” are ever going to make us happy.

Only once we learn how to get away from all of this stuff - and how to “activate” our inner romantic energy whenever we want instead - we can break the cycle of daily frustration, disappointment, loneliness, and anger that’s holding us back.

That in mind, I hope you know now that you’re NOT alone, and that there’s no reason for you to waste even one more day feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, or unhappy in love.

You simply don’t have to!

I can’t wait to hear how this tool works for you!


Rori Raye

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