What Makes A Guy With Commitment Issues Fall In Love? Hint: It’s Not How Sexy, Beautiful, Understanding or Witty You Are….

Have you met a guy that you feel head-over-heels for… and he sometimes seems to feel the same way? But other times he’s standoffish, distant or non-committal? What makes a guy with commitment issues fall in love? I’ll tell you now… It’s not about how sexy, beautiful, smart or funny you are… It’s about something entirely different… something you can tap into starting today.

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By Rori Raye

Can you imagine what it would be like if a man was so in love with you, you never had a single doubt he would stay with you forever?

You’d never have to worry about whether he’d call, or tell you he loves you, or make sure that you’re happy.

Instead, you’d wake up every morning with the delicious knowledge that this man thinks you are the most amazing woman in the world, and that he’d be a fool to ever leave your side.

This is entirely possible for you. I know, because if it happened for me, it can happen for anyone.

I was the kind of woman who worried excessively about men - what they did and didn’t do. Mostly, I spent SO much time and effort trying to get a man to fall in love with me and stay in love with me.

Invariably, I would get heartbroken. I could not figure out what made a guy with commitment issues fall in love with another woman and not me.

It’s all because even though I was working so hard to be loved, I was missing the one critical key to WHY a man falls in love and commits in the first place.

The Big Mistake About Love & Commitment

Most of us women have no clue what it is that makes a man fall for one woman and not another.

We think he falls because we’re such a perfect match for him on paper - because we share similar interests, come from similar backgrounds, or want the same things.

We think he falls because of how we look, or because we’re great in bed, or because we’re sweet, and kind, and giving.

And so we DO things to prove to him we possess all these things: like come up with clever conversation topics, show him we’re interested in the same things, wear sexy outfits, or cook for him.

Yet all of these actions may get you a “boyfriend,” but they won’t get you the forever love you’re after.

He’ll be with you because logically it makes sense, because there’s nobody else around, and because it’s convenient for him. After all, he gets to have a woman to do things with and sleep with.

But he won’t feel that powerful urgency in his heart that makes him think, “This is the woman I’ve been waiting for all my life, and I want to commit to her and adore her every day.”

How A Man “Falls”

A man truly falls in love because you trigger his deepest FEELINGS, and these feelings come about when you’re in touch with YOUR feelings.

Here’s how it works:

happy couple embrased

A man longs for a safe haven where he can truly feel the wide range of human emotion. But since he was a little boy, his feelings have likely been shut down - as they are for most boys who have been socialized to believe feelings are weak.

But even though he may have grown up thinking he shouldn’t have or show certain feelings, those feelings are still there - they’re just underground.

When he meets a woman who presents ultimate safety, he is finally free to get in touch with these long-buried feelings.

If you can be this safe haven, a man will never leave your side.

But How Do You Make Him Feel Safe?

Here’s where all this gets even more wonderful:

You actually don’t have to DO anything to help him feel safe. You don’t need to coax feelings out of him or be his therapist. These strategies will actually backfire, because he’ll feel pressured - NOT safe.

Instead, you need to fully get in touch with YOUR feelings. By focusing solely on your feeling experience, you demonstrate to a man that you are someone feelings are safe around. He will be so mesmerized by how in touch you are with your feelings, that he will naturally get more and more relaxed with you - until he won’t dream of going anywhere else.

You see, when you learn how to embrace all your feelings, you change your VIBE. You go from needy and anxious to a relaxed, sensuous woman - a Modern Siren.

Sirens were the mythical feminine creatures who enchanted sailors passing by simply by being unabashedly themselves. The Sirens would literally lounge on rocks, brushing their hair and reveling in nature - and these men would crash their boats into the rocks just to be with them, leaving behind their worldly lives.

A Modern Siren uses her feminine energy to naturally charm a man - all while being a powerful woman in today’s world. It is an intoxicating combination impossible to resist.

Start with this:

How safe do YOU feel with YOUR own emotions? Even the icky ones?

Are you welcoming to the uncomfortable feelings? The anger, sadness, frustration?

Because all of these emotions, no matter how uncomfortable or icky feeling, are important to FEEL.

The more relaxed and welcoming you can be with your own feelings, the safer a guy will feel too… and the more mesmerized he’s going to be with you!

And a mesmerized man is a committed man.

If you have trouble being with your own icky emotions, think of them like little children… If a little girl is feeling really sad, how would you make her feel comforted and safe to feel sad?

If a little child is feeling frustrated, how would you be with her in a way that understands her frustration, doesn’t make it wrong, and also feels encouraged to keep trying?

Try this out with your own emotions… and then notice how different you are around the guy with ‘commitment’ issues.

Watch as he totally changes his tune!

He won’t be able to put his finger on it, but he won’t want to be without you. This is the magic of your feminine energy.

I’ve got so many more tips, and ‘secrets’ to help you shift into your feminine energy with more ease… and never worry again about a guy with commitment issues in my FREE Feminine Energy Newsletter.

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  • The specific words and body language that will make a man irresistibly attracted to you – and how to raise your self esteem so you feel good no matter what he does
  • How to get the commitment you want without asking for it – he’ll think it’s completely his idea!

If he doesn’t turn around or want to commit when you lean into your feminine energy, then you don’t want him anyway! And then you’ll be open to so many other amazing men who are READY to commit to the alluring Modern Siren that you are.


Rori Raye

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