The Secret To Creating Lasting Intimacy In Your Relationship, And Feeling More Adored Than Ever Before

What’s the secret to creating intimacy in a relationship? How do you build more connection and closeness without scaring him off or pushing him away? It’s all about how you express your emotions, and once you learn this important distinction, you’ll have him eating out of your hand.

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By Rori Raye

What’s the best way to create intimacy in your relationship?

How do you compel even the most aloof, non-commital of men to give his heart and soul to you and only you?

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Is it through sex? Through deep conversations? Through amazing dates and fun-filled activities?

Or is it something else? Something even more powerful. More compelling. More attractive…

It’s our EMOTIONS.

Couple Cooking Together

Emotions make us irresistibly attractive and create a deep and powerful connection with our man.

When you read this, you might feel confused about how this is true. How could sharing our anger, our disappointment, our frustration, our fear… bring him closer?

Let’s be honest - you probably hide these “icky” emotions from your man, right?

You bite your tongue when he’s late. You hide your disappointment when he ignores you at a party. You don’t ask for anything because you don’t want him to think you are “high maintenance.”

But here’s the thing: when we are “extra careful” to not push a man away, that’s oftens EXACTLY WHY he’s not coming closer!

Covering up or making less of your feelings works against us.

That’s because the road to a man’s heart is the “Emotional Road.” And even though we women have been taught over and over again that men HATE emotion, it’s just not true.

What men have a hard time with is DRAMA - which is actually almost the OPPOSITE of true emotion.

So how do we build true and lasting intimacy, through sharing our authentic emotions with our man - without it being dramatic, and without bottling it up?

The Difference Between Drama And Emotion

“Drama” is what we do when we’re AFRAID of our true, real emotions.

We feel so afraid, deep inside ourselves, of our rage, our terror, our pain - that we work really hard to shut down those feelings and keep them hidden - and what happens then is that they “pop out.”

Those feelings (especially the ones we think are ugly) - because they’re denied sunlight and attention and just plain acknowledgment from us that they exist - actually end up RUNNING us.

  • The effort of keeping them hidden makes us tense
  • The effort of keeping them hidden makes us “fake”
  • The effort of keeping them hidden basically puts a WALL up between ourselves and a man

It’s like a game of whac-a-mole - if you push down that feeling of anger, insecurity or despair, it’s just gonna pop up somewhere else you didn’t expect - and probably at an even worse time, and in a worse way.

Put another way, drama is what happens when we unconsciously suppress our emotions.

That emotion has to be expressed at some point - it’s just going to come out in ways that we aren’t conscious of - and that feels dramatic to your man.

You know, like when you bite your tongue again about telling him how upset it makes you when he leaves his dirty socks on the coffee table after work. The next thing you know you’ve exploded and saying something like, “You leave your disgusting, dirty socks everywhere! On the table again?! Who does that?? It makes me sick. Ugh. You obviously don’t care about me or our relationship!”

The upset feeling is coming out - just not in a way that is ideal.

So, How Do We Undo That?


This means that whatever comes up - wherever you are, whatever you’re feeling, however or whoever triggered those feelings - you stop doing what you’re doing, take a second to acknowledge the feeling, and then give LOVE to that feeling.

Most of us have been taught to protect ourselves. And the way we’ve been taught to protect ourselves is to keep ourselves to ourselves.

We don’t THINK we’re doing that - because we talk about the relationship with a man, we show our love to him, we pay attention to him, we may even be sharing ourselves in bed with him… but we’re still protecting ourselves.

So much of the time, the things we DO and SAY are all about GETTING or GIVING Love, but the effect those things we DO have on a man is usually superficial.

He hears us talk about our day, and about work, and he hears us telling him what he should be doing, and he hears us asking him for things - but that doesn’t get him any closer to CONNECTING with us.

The only thing that connects a man to us - instantly - is our emotions.

Our emotions are what make us attractive, alluring Modern Sirens who connect with a man on a deep, powerful level.

Let Me Share An Amazing Example…

Meanwhile, here’s a letter from Cassandra that shows how amazingly this can work for you:

"Hi Rori, My man and I were watching that TV show "Bones". We were all snuggled up together watching the show and it was an episode where a German Shepherd was ordered by his master to attack a man but the dog ended up killing him. In the end of the show the German Shepherd ended up dying. I am an animal LOVER so of course when the dog died, I had tears running down my face. I happened to be laying in a position where my man could not see my face but he noticed that I was wiping a tear from my cheek. As soon as he saw that, he took my face in his hands and lifted my chin up so that I had to look at him and he then LOVINGLY asked me if I was crying and why. I simply told him that I felt sad because the dog died and he only did what he was ordered to do, that it was not even his fault but his master was at fault. MY MAN, my usually distant, seemingly unfeeling and somewhat emotionally cold man… then LOVINGLY wiped the tears from my eyes, rubbed his hand across my face and kissed my forehead.

I was shocked. I didn’t even do any of this on purpose - I was simply watching a silly TV show that brought up some emotions in me that made me cry. I guess the fact that I felt sad because of the dog dying and showed that without hiding it touched his heart and moved him to “take care of me” so to speak in the way that he did.

All I can say is that it was wonderful and I felt so loved.

I have really been trying to use your Feeling Messages lately and I have indeed noticed a big difference. The experience that I mentioned above was most definitely 'by accident' but I will always remember it as a HUGE learning tool for me!! Thank you for all you do!! Love, Cassandra"

What Cassandra did here was just amazing. She stayed with her feelings, didn’t try to hide her tears, and just looked at him without turning her face away, or closing up.

She let her man in. And she wasn’t even talking about the relationship!

All this happened because of a TV show!

Every Moment Is An Opportunity To Get Closer To Him

So know that you can use ANYTHING - any moment, anywhere, to allow your feelings to show - to stay open, to look him in the eye with your heart open and TAKE IN his love, instead of SENDING or GIVING him love.

This may not come naturally for you at first, especially when you’re so used to hiding what you’re feeling for fear you’ll scare a man away or have him thinking you’re just flaky.

It just takes a little practice and it will quickly become your natural way of being!

Men LOVE women who are authentic and vulnerable, and the feeling he gets for you when you’re wearing your heart on your sleeve is to take your face in his hands and show you he adores you.

It can happen in so many other ways.

I’m here to dispel the MYTH that being a juicy, emotional, authentic woman turns a man off. Nothing could be further from the truth!

In my FREE Feminine Energy Newsletter, I share many more tips on how to show authentic emotion without the drama, so you can really cultivate that deep intimacy in your relationship that you CRAVE.

I’ll teach you how to ignite the incredible “siren power” already inside you, to make yourself absolutely irresistible to man, and compel him to want to be with you and only you. You’ll also learn:

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  • The specific words and body language that will make a man irresistibly attracted to you – and how to raise your self esteem so you feel good no matter what he does
  • How to get the commitment you want without asking for it – he’ll think it’s completely his idea

There’s nothing more beautiful in all the world than a woman’s feelings.

That’s why we’ve been painted and sculpted and written poems about from the beginning of humankind.

When an artist paints a woman “in the nude,” it’s not about her body. It’s about seeing her heart and soul without anything getting in the way.

Remember how powerful you are emotionally “naked,” love your feelings, and let me know how you’re doing!

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