Are You (Accidentally) Turning Your Man Off? How To Use Your Natural Feminine Energy To Make Him Irresistibly Drawn To You For Good

Does your man seem suddenly cold, distant or turned off when he’s around you? There is something vital you probably missed learning growing up as a girl - learning about your feminine energy - and how this is a crucial key to a deeply satisfying relationship with a man.

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By Rori Raye

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Are you ‘doing’ all the ‘right’ things in life to be a successful, modern woman?

You’ve got an education, a career (hopefully one you LOVE!), you’re intelligent, funny, smart, accomplished… You’ve taken full advantage of what it means to be a modern, liberated woman.

And good for you - our grandmothers did not have all the freedoms that we modern women have. We are INCREDIBLY fortunate.

But with all these modern freedoms we women have, it has come at a huge cost for many of us - the cost of loving, deeply fulfilling relationships.

We’ve all-but-forgotten how to embody our natural feminine energy IN RELATIONSHIPS.

Maybe you can attract a man easily enough, but getting him to stick around is an entirely different story. After some time, each one gets more distant, cold, distracted or just moves on to another woman. It hurts, I know.

There’s a simple shift I’m going to share with you here that will help you get into your feminine energy naturally and attract and keep an amazing man - with NO EFFORT.

We Go For What We Want With A Man, And Then He Doesn’t Seem To Want Us

Couple Laughing

Why is it that we can go for the top job, create the dream business, and design our lives the way we want, yet when we want to get closer to a certain man, we feel like we have absolutely no say in the situation?

Maybe we don’t outright ask a man out, or we give him an ultimatum to propose to us by a certain date—or else.

But when we like a man, the truth is that we do much more subtle things to make sure he pays attention to us, gets closer to us, and makes a commitment to us:

We move our schedules around and give up certain activities in order to be available to him. We don’t want him to think we’re too busy or that we’re not interested.

We send him a friendly text or forward a link to an article we think he might like. It’s all so easy with technology these days, and everybody does it, so you tell yourself you’re just being nice.

We make him a fabulous dinner, not because he just took us on a wonderful weekend away, but because we feel the need to show him how amazing we are.

Most of all, we think and think about him, and then we think about him some more. We do it believing he can’t read our minds, but we don’t realize he can totally read our vibe—and it’s desperate.

Something About Men And Women Hasn’t Changed. And That’s Actually A Good Thing.

Even though we women (thankfully!) have truly come into our own and are showing up in the world as the magnificent creatures we are, there’s no use denying we’re different from men.

And thank goodness for that!

We NEED the unique qualities of men and women—of masculine energy and feminine energy.

No matter what your gifts are and what you desire to do in this world—and I know you can do it if you put your focus on it—let’s be very clear about this:

We as women feel best in a relationship when a man is COMING toward us and we can just relax and let it happen.

Is this not true?

We don’t like to chase, or to feel we need to check in on a man, or to have to convince him why we’re so great together.

And here’s the wonderful thing that makes everything fit together:

Men Actually Feel Best When They’re Given The Space To Come Toward You

Men don’t feel good when you’re chasing! Instead, THEY feel best when they feel the freedom to come toward you.

Think about the times you’ve felt the need to check in on a man, get his attention, or show him what a great catch you are.

If you really dig down to your true feelings and intention, you’ll see that you were coming from a place of fear.

You were afraid that if you didn’t DO something, this man would leave or pass you over.

And guess what? Men can SENSE this.

They KNOW when we’re coming from a place of fear, and this feels really icky to them. If he senses you’re afraid to lose him, he’ll start to wonder why you’ve invested so much in him instead of yourself.

He wants a woman who is first and foremost grounded in herself and would never dream that any man is more important than her.

A woman like this lights up his desire to chase like a sky full of stars.

It really is brilliant and naturally works to make both the man and woman feel at their best together. So let’s use that to your advantage.

Bring Him Close And Keep Him Close Forever By Undoing What Doesn’t Work

We can feel so helpless leaning back and allowing a man to take a lead—but that’s only when we don’t realize how amazing we are and what truly works to draw a man close for the long term.

So we go about behaving in all the ways that turn US into the one who is chasing, which only pushes him away.

When you chase a man, you don’t give him the chance to show you how he really feels about you.

The only way to really be sure of where his heart is at is by creating the space he needs to pursue you.

But just how do we do this when we’ve become used to doing it all wrong?

You’ve got to learn how to drop into your feminine energy so he can step up with his masculine energy.

It’s almost a complete turnaround from everything we women have been taught and are so used to doing.

When you start embodying your natural feminine energy, the men who are ready to truly be with you will step up, and step forward in their masculine. They will be mesmerized and fascinated by you.

I hear it all the time from men who found the woman of their dreams…

“I was mesmerized by her from the moment I met her.”

“She fascinates me. I don’t know how else to describe it, but I can’t get enough of her.”

The thing is, these women they’re speaking of are not super models, they’re not anything particularly ‘special’ - other than they are just fully embodying their own beautiful and magnetic feminine energy!

Above anything else, isn’t that that kind of thing you’d LOVE to overhear your man say about you?

You’ve Got To Get Into Your Feminine “Girl” Energy

Being a girl means being “Strong on the Inside and Soft on the Outside.”

It means you…

Her hand on his hand knee
  • Trust yourself
  • Know what makes you happy and love your life - regardless of any man
  • Do the things that make you happy and love your life!
  • Feel strong, capable, confident, independent & powerful on the inside
  • Feel like you could handle anything
  • Allow your heart & your feelings to show completely on your outside

This is the complete reverse of what we usually do, which is “boy” energy.

Boy energy is a pure burst of energy to get things done when we’re trying to accomplish something - it’s the masculine side of ourselves, and it’s absolutely fantastic energy to get stuff done out there in the world.

But in a relationship, boy energy is just a cover up.

It covers up our softer, much more attractive girl energy. It covers up what girl energy is all about - our own connection to our deepest feelings.

When we’re in boy energy, we feel the need to DO something to make something happen - and that makes us close off our feelings, completely cover up our girl energy and DISCONNECT from ourselves. And the moment we disconnect from ourselves, the relationship gets disconnected.

To a man, boy energy feels like a “protective shield” on your outside. Boy energy feels to him like a cold, hard, emotional defense.

That cold, hard, defended way of acting can look like:

  • Stuffing down our feelings
  • Being extra nice and understanding to him
  • Trying to make everything okay by stepping up while he’s slacking off
  • Over Functioning
  • Attacking him
  • Acting like we don’t care
  • Playing games
  • Stopping trusting him
  • Being emotionally dramatic & mean

So, your homework now is to start paying attention when you are in your boy energy, in your relationship, or dating.

Take the lists above and memorize them.

When you notice yourself behaving in the ‘boy’ ways, STOP.

And then tune back into your feminine girl energy.

It might take a little practice at first, but after no time at all you’ll get the hang of it - because it’s what’s most natural for you as a woman - you’ll wonder how you didn’t realize it sooner!

And this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to your feminine energy and attracting an amazing masculine man…

I’ve got so many more feminine energy tips, ‘secrets’ and practices to share with you in my FREE Feminine Energy Newsletter!

Not only will you learn how to effortlessly attract a wonderful man by being more in your feminine power, you’ll also learn…

  • A new way of being with a man so he’ll want to be around you all the time, and will inspire him to want to caress you, pull you close and tell you he loves you
  • The subtle energy shift that can make a tremendous difference in how a man starts to pursue you for a change – he’ll want all your time and attention
  • A three-step formula for communicating your feelings to a man in a way that will actually bring him closer to you so he’ll share his own feelings – you’ll never have to walk on eggshells or hide the real you again, and he’ll fall more and more in love with you for it
  • The specific words and body language that will make a man irresistibly attracted to you – and how to raise your self esteem so you feel good no matter what he does
  • How to get the commitment you want without asking for it – he’ll think it’s completely his idea!

The wonderful surprise is that when you’re really connected with yourself and your feminine energy, you can actually DO and SAY anything with a man, because you will be coming from a place where your vibe feels anything but desperate.

And he won’t be able to keep himself away from you!!

I can’t wait to hear how this shift makes all the difference in your dating life and relationships!

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