Your Feminine Energy Is The Only Attraction ‘Secret’ You’ll Ever Need To Make Him Fall For You. Here’s Why:

Have you been putting in all your love, affection and effort into your relationship, or with a new guy you’re dating - and it only seems to be pushing him away? I’m going to share how embracing your natural feminine energy turns your relationship around, in an instant - and he’ll be the one pursuing YOU!

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By Rori Raye

Have you ever met a man you were sexually drawn to and there was no “logical” reason why?

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Perhaps he wasn’t your usual “type” but you felt riveted nonetheless. Everything in your body came ALIVE when you’d be around him, or even just think about him.

Maybe you’re usually into tall, lanky, intellectual types but he was shorter, stockier and a bit “rough around the edges”. But there was something about him…

You couldn’t keep your eyes off him.

He wasn’t necessarily what you would call classically “handsome” or particularly charismatic.

But he did have an energy about him that drew you in.

He made you feel safe or SEEN or appreciated. Maybe it was the way he moved or the way he spoke. Maybe it was in what he didn’t say.

Whatever it was (or wasn’t), there was something about this man that “hooked” you. You tried to understand why, but you weren’t sure why.

Did he remind you of a past boyfriend?

Your favorite actor?

A childhood crush?

You weren’t sure. All you knew was that you wanted to be around this man. You wanted to engage him in a conversation. And when he locked his gaze with yours a warm rush of adrenaline coursed through your body. You felt yourself become flushed.

You found yourself thinking of ways you can see him again, get to know him better, get his attention.

It’s as if someone cast a spell over you.

A magic love spell!

But… What If a Man Was Mesmerized This Way by You?

Picture it…

You’re at a gathering or a social event, and a man approaches you to introduce himself. YOU are the mysterious, alluring woman he’s spotted from across the room. He nervously asks for your number. He looks at you with knee-buckling desire.

Or you’re already dating, and your guy can’t stop daydreaming about you. He’s planning on what he’ll say when he calls you because he doesn’t want to make the wrong move. He’s trying hard not to appear too eager, desperate or hopeful - but you make his heart race.

Attraction can be a mysterious force.

We think we know why a man wants us, but we’re often wrong.

Sometimes a man will pursue us even when we’re not looking our best or when we’re not even “trying”. Actually, have you noticed those are the times when we seem to be MORE magnetic to men?

And even more mysterious are the reasons why a man will fall in love.

We Think We Know Why Men Fall In Love (But We’re Mistaken)

When we are dating a man we like, we think we need to be clear that we’re interested in him. We may tell him we think he’s attractive, or wonderful, or sexy. We suggest places to go or things to do, so he doesn’t have to “work” too hard to please us. We want to be ‘easy-going’.

We send him sexy text messages to turn him on.

We dress up in the outfits he’s complimented the most - that he seems to like the best.

We make sure the house is spic-n-span and serve our signature dish when he comes over for dinner because we want him to feel cozy with us.

We buy him a gift related to his favorite hobby so he sees how “thoughtful” we are.

We think we know what draws him to us or causes him to fall in love, but we usually are mistaken.

Why a Man Will “Get Hooked” on One Woman But Not Another

Before I met my husband, I used to wonder what it was that triggered a man to get so “hooked” on a woman, because I saw a lot of men pining away for seemingly regular women while I experienced one bad dead-end relationship after another.

Africian American Couple Laughing

I would do everything I could think of to get a man to fall hopelessly in love with me, but in the end I would end up alone – and HE would meet a new woman. This woman seemed to know a “secret” I didn’t know, because she didn’t even appear to be trying and he’d be falling all over himself to get into her heart.

Within weeks, it seemed, his whole world would be turned upside-down for this woman. He’d move in with her, change jobs, start working out, start remodeling her house. Anything to make her see him as a hero in her eyes.

No man ever did any of those things for me.

What attraction “secret” did she know that I didn’t?

After that, I began to really observe and do research and started to try different techniques to get inside a man’s heart…

And over time, I finally was able to “see” what I hadn’t seen before about what WORKS, and what DOESN’T.

It was like a switch got thrown.

Before I knew what was happening, men were everywhere! And they all wanted my attention.

I went from being the kind of woman who would “chase” a man (although I didn’t know it at the time) to being the kind of woman any man could easily fall for. And that’s when I met my husband.

If you’re wondering, “How do I get his attention?” If you’re interested in a man from afar, or in a relationship where he’s started to sort of drift off…

You’ve got to learn how to receive more instead of giving so much.

This is crucial at any stage of a relationship with a man. There’s nothing more mesmerizing to a man than a woman who can easily express herself in the most vulnerable, feminine way—physically and verbally.

You see, receiving is a very feminine trait, whereas giving is a more masculine trait.

When you’re spending so much of your energy giving-giving-giving - you’re not embracing your natural feminine energy!

Think of a woman who has men all around her - she’s got no trouble receiving gifts, compliments, money, dates…. She is embracing her feminine receptivity!

All Our Efforts Send Him Wrong Signals & Actually Push Him Away

When you give a man more than he’s giving you (gifts, attention, affection), it gives him the impression that you’re desperate.

He feels pursued, which is very masculine energy, and it’s a turn-off for him.

If you are a feminine-essence woman who’s attracted to masculine men - all that efforting will just push away those kinds of men, and you’ll likely attract feminine men, or men with mommy issues instead.

A woman who really embodies her feminine energy does not chase, pursue, overly give to attract a quality man.

This kind of woman, the kind of woman who naturally and effortlessly magnetizes and mesmerizes men DOES LESS, not more, in order to get his attention.

You’ve got to use your natural feminine charms to attract a man without having to DO anything overtly effortful. Without having to try so hard to make a positive impression. And without having to nudge him toward another date or a relationship with you.

Think of it like magnets.

If you’re a magnet, just sitting there, and another magnet (a man) comes in close enough proximity to you, he’s just gonna be drawn to you by force of natural attraction! It can’t be helped! It works the other way too though… Remember when you played with magnets as a kid, where you face either both north or south poles toward each other, they will be repelled - you cannot get them together, no matter how hard you try.

It works the same way in romantic relationships - one of you has to be the north, and one has to be the south.

One is the feminine, and one is the masculine.

If you’re spending most of your energy chasing or pursuing him, he’s gonna be repelled.

So your practice is to embrace your natural feminine energy more!

It’s simple, but if you’re not used to it, it does take a little practice. And because it’s very natural at the core of who you are, you’ll get it down in no time.

Practicing RECEIVING More From Your Man

Bask in the compliments. Luxuriate in gifts, acts of service or anything else he chooses to GIVE YOU. (Unless of course it’s truly something you don’t want - then the practice is finding a gracious way of receiving the good intention but declining offer.)

When he sees you truly relishing in the gifts and compliments, he will only want to give more to you - because he can see how happy it makes you! And that is one of the things healthy masculine men love to do - is make their women happy!

This simple, natural practice will help him become so ridiculously magnetized to you - you’ll wonder how you missed it!

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I’ll teach you simple tweaks you can make in your words and body language that effortlessly captures his heart.

Not only will you learn how to effortlessly attract a wonderful man by being more in your feminine power, you’ll also learn…

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  • A new way of being with a man so he’ll want to be around you all the time, and will inspire him to want to caress you, pull you close and tell you he loves you
  • The subtle energy shift that can make a tremendous difference in how a man starts to pursue you for a change – he’ll want all your time and attention
  • A three-step formula for communicating your feelings to a man in a way that will actually bring him closer to you so he’ll share his own feelings – you’ll never have to walk on eggshells or hide the real you again, and he’ll fall more and more in love with you for it
  • The specific words and body language that will make a man irresistibly attracted to you – and how to raise your self esteem so you feel good no matter what he does
  • How to get the commitment you want without asking for it – he’ll think it’s completely his idea!

It’s time to stop doing all the time and start receiving. No more trying so hard. No more disappointing heartbreak.

Wouldn’t that be just wonderful?

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