What Are The Signs He’s Fighting His Feelings For You? Here’s What You Need To Know

Are you dating (or in a relationship) with a man where you just can’t figure out where he stands with you? You two hang out and enjoy each other quite a bit, but there are lots of little signs that he’s fighting his feelings for you - he won’t fully commit, or he seems wishy washy and sometimes unavailable. I’ve got something to help clarify things for you TODAY so you can feel more secure and confident.
  • What to do if he is distant and seems to have fallen out of love.
  • Word-for-word love scripts to help you bring him closer than ever before.
  • Simple Tools that will help you fix your relationship and connect deeply with his heart.
  • The secret psychology that makes him want to commit for life.
  • How to get his attention and bring him back – before it’s too late.
  • The magic power you didn’t know you had to make him want you.

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What Are The Signs He’s Fighting His Feelings For You? Here’s What You Need To Know

By Rori Raye

Have you ever focused all your attention on one man, and still felt completely unsure about where things stand? Even after a year or two? You two make regular plans together, maybe even you’ve met each other’s parents or children… he always wants you around.

But there are bright flashing signs that he’s fighting his feelings for you - and you just don’t know what to do about it!

Perhaps you just don’t feel like he’s that committed to you, or that you have a future together, but you talk yourself OUT of that feeling and just keep hoping things will turn around?

I used to be the queen of that - I’d hang in with a man - believing that just because I was still THERE, he loved me. Just because I was still THERE, he was “serious” about me.

I was the Queen of the “Imaginary Relationship.”

The Pain Of “Imaginary Relationship” Limbo

Here’s a letter from Helen, who’s struggling with the reality of her long relationship with a man she loves…

Q. “Dear Rori,

We have been back together for about a year now. He lost his wife three years ago to cancer.

Whenever I ask relationship questions - like 'I wish you would introduce me to your friends because when I am in front of them I feel uncomfortable because I don’t know if they are into you or not, or who did you go out of town with and who are they to you,' this is his answer to me…

…'We are not in a relationship, when you ask me these questions you make me want to withdraw and what does it matter to you who these people are or if I introduce you to them? I am not anyone’s boyfriend or committed to anyone so don’t ask me relationship questions. When I find someone I will let you know, and you know how these questions aggravate me, and if you want us to get along, don’t ask me these type of questions.'

He also has pictures of different women in the house and he says they are just friends (he’s in the picture with them.) I don’t know how to answer this because I love him so much. We sleep together. I see him at least two to three times a week, I spend the nights at his house and his mother and children know about me. His daughters are practically like my children and I love them, too.

Lately he has been talking to me more - sharing what he’s doing, and I commend him for that and I use a lot of my feelings with him that I learned from your book. I also try to act like I trust him and try not to ask too many questions, but at least once every two or three weeks, I ask something and all hell breaks loose and the above answer is what I always get.

I ask these questions because I get emotional and hurt and afraid he’s taking someone out of town or seeing someone else, and yet I know there’s nothing I can do. He has 3 pictures of himself with three different women and in one of them he is holding the lady like they are in love and I have to see these pictures every time I’m there. And he just says they’re friends but there are no pictures of me.

He seems to have many women friends. So I wonder how many of us is he sleeping with. I am not dating anyone else or haven’t since my divorce five years ago - he has been the only other man. I spend a lot of time with his kids - we’re like mother and daughters. Please help, yours sincerely, ~Helen.”

Here’s my answer:

A. Dear Helen,

He’s not actually fighting any feelings he’s got for you - he knows exactly how he feels, and you just haven’t been wanting to hear him, honestly.

Joyful Couple Laughing

Please do this for me:

  1. Wrap your arms around yourself.
  2. Give yourself a huge hug (I’m hugging you from here…) and then…
  3. Jump up and down to shake the cobwebs out of your head.
  4. Say out loud, as though he’s in front of you: “Now I hear you. We are just dating. I’m not committed, I should be dating other men. Now I see. I’m free, as are you.” Then…
  5. Right now, this minute, go to your closet. Pick out some clothes for the week. Make a plan to inexpensively change all your colors to pinks, lavenders, baby blues (or whatever colors make you feel AMAZING). Make a plan - and FOLLOW THROUGH - to change everything to soft fabrics that make you feel soft and sexy. Then…
  6. Change your hair a bit with some color streaks or a color rinse, and…
  7. Go out and flirt with men.

What WON’T Work To Bring Him Close

You cannot bring him close to you by WANTING him more. You can not excite him, attract him, or make him WANT YOU more by pressing him.

Even THINKING about him makes your “vibe” seem needy, clingy, and desperate to him. This is simply not attractive to him - and it makes your self-esteem take a nose-dive.

This is where you’ve gotta embody your own glorious feminine energy again! In all likelihood, you’ve been so focused on him, what he’s feeling or thinking… and ignoring how YOU FEEL.

What makes YOU happy, come alive, excited… all that?

When you are embracing your feminine energy fully, this is what will magnetically draw him - or another amazing man who’s READY - close to you.

Take Your Focus Off Of Him, And Do This…

  1. Find something really, really important to you to focus on (work, volunteering, art projects, school…) and focus on it.
  2. Schedule time to just hang out with yourself in your own home so you can learn to ENJOY your own company, tolerate your fear and loneliness when you’re with yourself, and raise your self-esteem and your Degree of Difficulty.
  3. Schedule time to get out, go places, do things on your own or with friends that are really INTERESTING - things you enjoy, that you can learn from, and that are FUN for you - AND where there are men.
  4. Smile at these other men. Remind yourself to breathe. Make eye contact and keep it for 5 seconds (it feels much longer than it sounds).
  5. Let them come up to you and start conversations. Let them ask for your phone number. Give it to them. Go to coffee with them. Go to lunch with them. Go walking in a park with them.
  6. Learn to do Feeling Messages.
  7. And feel comfortable in your own skin around men - men you find attractive and men you don’t find attractive. Just get out there and practice and learn.

This Is Your Best Bet In Two Ways…

  • It’s your best bet to get this man you love re-attracted to you, and to compel him to want to commit to you…
  • It’s your best bet to meet a man who might be even better than this man, love you more than he does, and want to claim you - quickly!

Helen: (and you, too, if you’re in a similar situation…) Try the step-by-step Tools above. If you keep going the way you’re approaching this situationship (that’s really what it is!), it will just damage you, and will not help you get the man you want.

Whenever you notice yourself wondering why he seems to be fighting his feelings for you - STOP.

You’ve caught yourself, leaving your own beautiful feminine energy and power again. Come back to yourself, follow these steps above and let go of wondering how he feels.

How YOU feel is what MATTERS… and when you embody this, the men will be fawning all over you, and you’ll have the pick of the litter!

I’ve got so many more tips, ‘secrets’ and practices on how to focus on YOU instead of him in my FREE Feminine Energy Newsletter.

I’ll show you have to STOP putting all your energy on HIM (and if he likes you, or why he’s withdrawing, or why he won’t commit, or if he’s fighting his feelings for you), and instead your natural “siren power” that makes you magnetically irresistible to all men.

You’ll get your power back, and so much more.

You’ll also learn:

  • A new way of being with a man so he’ll want to be around you all the time, and will inspire him to want to caress you, pull you close and tell you he loves you
  • The subtle energy shift that can make a tremendous difference in how a man starts to pursue you for a change – he’ll want all your time and attention
  • A three-step formula for communicating your feelings to a man in a way that will actually bring him closer to you so he’ll share his own feelings – you’ll never have to walk on eggshells or hide the real you again, and he’ll fall more and more in love with you for it
  • The specific words and body language that will make a man irresistibly attracted to you – and how to raise your self esteem so you feel good no matter what he does
  • How to get the commitment you want without asking for it – he’ll think it’s completely his idea!

I KNOW that the steps above will make a HUGE difference for you… you’ll see.

Be sure to let me know how it works for you!


Rori Raye

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