Why Do Men Pull Away? Here’s How To Recapture His Interest Before You Lose Him For Good

You’ve found a man you think could be “the one”, and he seemed really into you too, and then suddenly he was “busy” and “unsure” and just less affectionate and available. It completely stinks! What’s going on? Why do men pull away? How do you get his attention back and capture his heart? Read on for the secret:

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By Rori Raye

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How secure do you feel in your man’s love and commitment?

Do you feel completely sure that he believes you’re the only one for him, or do you live in a state of worry, confusion, and just on edge all the time?

Can you trust your man to ask you out, make plans, be affectionate with you, introduce you to the important people in his life, and ultimately make a lifetime commitment to you?

I know I couldn’t.

It seemed that whenever I met a man I actually wanted, I was sooner or later thrown into a whirlwind of nervous energy.

I thought I was really good at covering it up—and I would try to act all cool and not be bothered about what he did or didn’t do—but the reality is that he knew. They all do.

He was pulling away, and I wanted to know why. And when I learned the secret, I realized I need to tell as many women as possible why men pull away.

The Energy Exchange That Inspires Him To Commit (Or Not)

Even my now husband, who was initially not at all my type and really courted me the way I wanted to be courted—it happened with him, too. Once the tables turned and I was really invested in him making a commitment to me, he started pulling away.

I couldn’t believe it. This man who was head over heels for me and did “all the right things” suddenly wasn’t sure if he was ready to propose. I was devastated.

What I didn’t know then but quickly realized is that when we were initially dating, I was exuding my natural "feminine energy"around him simply because I really wasn’t all that invested in him.

Instead, I was focusing my time and energy on myself, which then naturally created the opportunity for him to be fully in his masculine energy and pursue me.

Once I fell in love with him and started becoming hyper-focused on wanting a proposal, this immediately kicked MY masculine energy into high gear, thus throwing off the energy exchange and deflating his masculine energy as if I had poked a hole in a balloon.

I Was Rowing The Boat Of The Relationship All By Myself

Think of your relationship as a boat.

You’re both sitting in it, opposite each other. Who’s doing the rowing? Is it him, working up a sweat to get you both going in the right direction while you sit back and enjoy the nice breeze, confidently heading where you want?

Or is it you, exhausted and angry, maybe even rowing in circles while he watches the view and seems to have no interest in picking up the slack?

When I was obsessed with getting my boyfriend to propose to me, I was driving myself and my relationship to the brink of a breakdown. How could he pick up the oars when I was already doing all the work? Why would he even be motivated to?

Being in the same boat with a bitter, anxious woman was not fun.

What Would You Be Doing If You Weren’t Working So Hard For Him?

A funny thing happens when women wake up to the fact that they’ve been rowing their relationship boat all along.

couple playing with dog

First, they don’t even know how to stop.

Second, they don’t know how they will fill their time when they do.

Just think of how much mental and emotional energy will free up for you when you simply stop working at trying to get your man to do what you want.

Does the thought scare you? Maybe even throw you into a panic?

Are you worried that if you stop trying to manage your relationship or what your man will or won’t do, that everything will just fall apart?

The opposite is usually true! Think of it this way: working and rowing so hard hasn’t brought your relationship to where you want it anyway.

The reality is that when you STOP working so hard, you immediately turn on your feminine energy, which in turn ignites his masculine energy, which then gets you exactly what you want—either with the man you’re with or with a man who can truly step up to the plate.

Just about overnight, you can change your relationship from being uncertain and uncommitted to getting the kind of intimacy that you really want with your man.

In my Commitment Blueprint program, I go through this process of going from DOING to BEING step-by-step so you can stop what isn’t working in your relationship.

Learning how to listen, speak, and just be are what will draw him in closer.

Instead of trying to get him to commit to you, you’ve got to learn how to inspire and motivate him to WANT to commit.

Start practicing right NOW - even while you’re reading this.

Bring the focus back to YOU. The fact that you’re reading this is something you can focus on about you.

What else? How are you breathing? How are you sitting? Are you warm or cold? Are you comfortable where you are or are you riddled with anxiety?

Then ask yourself, what would make you FEEL BETTER?

You can even imagine back to a time when you dated a man that you weren’t all that interested in. What did that FEEL like in your body?

You probably liked him enough… but you kept your hobbies that you love… you kept hanging out with your girlfriends… you kept doing all the things that make you so happy.

Practice this awareness of yourself, even in these small ways, and watch how things turn around with your man. He’ll suddenly be magnetically drawn to you once more… and you will get to the shore of commitment without manipulation or game playing.

Once I learned to shift the energy balance in my relationship, I understood why it’s so much sweeter to lean back and enjoy the view. And my husband of over 30 years loves it as much as I do.

You get it all - a man who is absolutely devoted to you and not leaving you guessing and insecure, and an irresistible feminine power that lights you up from the inside out.

But first, you need to really learn how to ignite that feminine power, and learn the skills and tools that draw men to you like a magnet (no matter how much he’s pulled away in the past).

I’ll teach you this and much much more with my FREE Feminine Energy Newsletter. I’ve got tons of Tools and simple daily practices to help you shift into your feminine energy with more ease… so that you never have to suffer with him pulling away again.

Plus, I coach real life women having the same problems as you, so you can see how we put the Tools in action and the amazing, almost immediate results they achieve.

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When you learn to magnetize your man by simply being in your natural feminine energy, things will work out so easily. We’ve been taught all wrong on how to ‘keep’ a man - and this wrong way is what pushes him away.

I’m so excited to hear your success with effortlessly pulling your man close - once and for all!


Rori Raye

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